Counter-offensive to the Danish Muhammad cartoon hysteria which caused Muslims to go postal

Cartoonists from around the world have staged a counter-campaign to the Danish cartoon controversy which depicted the prophet Muhammad, thereby inciting Muslim riots, embassy burnings, and a lot of dead bodies.

RNW NL -(H/T Islam in Europe)- The international video journalist and cartoonists platform, VJ Movement, asked cartoonists in Islamic and other countries how they saw the increasing criticism of Islam in Europe. The call produced 30 satirical drawings, most of them featuring Dutch rightwing anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders.

According to spokesman Tjeerd Rooyaards of The Hague-based VJ Movement, “Mr Wilders’ face is well-suited to being caricatured”. Next month, VJ movement will launch a separate platform, Cartoon Movement.

(Uh oh, there are some offensive-to-Muslims characterizations of Muhammad here too. Batten down the hatches when the Muslims get wind of this)