"I am Michelle, one of the hostages held by Muslim terrorists in the Baghdad church massacre’

“They started to shoot and kill many people. They killed our deacon. Then Brother Wassim came to try to calm the situation. They killed him instantly. Then they killed Brother Thaler.”

Poste de veille (English translation) (H/T Susan K) – The Mass began at 5:00. A 5 h15 we were praying, and suddenly the Muslim terrorists broke into the church. There was no resistance. They are easily entered into the church. I do not know their exact number. I was with my sister and my brother Odai martyr martyr and her little boy, Adam, and Martha and her daughter and everyone around us.

A large group of parishioners were gathered in the church, when the terrorists came, they separated us. They started shooting in all directions, there was gas and smoke grenades, one felt that everything was shaking around us, we were under the chairs. They were shooting everywhere. They saw the Cross. They shouted “infidels, Allahu Akbar.”


A guy was standing near my feet. I thought he was going to kill me because I was closest to the type.  The terrorist was very close to us, they launched the grenades and the ground shook. Our Blessed Mother Mary has protected us, but young men were killed. They saw a bald man, the guy shouted Allah Akbar and he killed him.They have left no young men, all young men were killed.

In the place where my mother was in the sacristy, they came and they threw grenades. I thought, “My mother died, I never see her again.”The guy was near me, he yelled “You’re the infidels, you go all to hell, but I will go to heaven.” Then, a Syrian called the woman with the laptop comes, (Ed.: its sister) and I was alone I could not let my sister go. I got up, but I did not know what to do. He yelled: “If you do not advance, I’ll kill you.” I went near the Syrian who gave me a grenade. Then he demanded that I call my father on my laptop.

They were not masked. They said on TV that they were masked, but it is wrong, and they came from Arab countries. Only the man next to me was an Iraqi. He demanded that I tell the phone that they did us no harm. I was so scared I could not talk, so he repeated all the dead … I saw all these bodies in front of me. I saw the dead, I could not say … they did us no harm. He said, “We will not let you live, Christians, you infidels, you worship the cross, but Allah is the one God and one should not worship the Cross. “

They fired at the statue of Christ that fell on the ground. They ransacked everything. The candle fell to the side and I do not know how I got out. Beside me, the guy killed my brother Odai. And his little boy shouted: “Enough, enough.” His son was 3 years old, he cried “enough, enough!” I could not get up and take him in my arms because the terrorist was beside me. Adam cried “enough, enough.”

So the guy yelled: “There’s a man there, among them, kill him.” He killed my brother. There was also a woman next to Odai. She was bleeding profusely. She begged: “If you please, kill me, do not let me suffer.” He replied: “No pain, you will experience hell on earth, and then as hell after your death. You’re the infidels,” and he shouted “Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar ….”

My God, keep my faith strong. My God forgive my sins. I heard him yell, but I prayed my rosary. I prayed, his head bowed and looking at the ground. He screamed: “You are infidels! What you pray? You love what? You love Christ?” All the survivors thought they would be killed.

Then, a guy blew himself up. There were grenades exploding everywhere. We thought the church would collapse on us. They had so much ammunition. In the early hours, bullets whizzing around. I spoke to the Syrian type which he replied “Too bad, use the grenades.” In the sacristy, where was my mother, with the Rev. Raphael and a large group of people, about 80 people in this small room, they threw grenades.I thought I never see mom living in such chaos. I could not speak, but Adam was screaming, I could not pull myself. Adam was exhausted, and then he stayed quiet. He was exhausted, he had shouted “enough, enough, for 3 hours. The terrorist was near him.











And just yesterday in Iraq, gunmen kills elderly Christian couple inside their Baghdad home.

CNN Attackers gunned down an elderly Christian couple late Sunday inside their Baghdad home, the latest in a string of religious-rooted violence that has spurred international outcry and a full-court press for justice from Iraqi authorities.

Gunmen broke into the couple’s residence in Baladiyat, a predominantly Shiite area in eastern Baghdad, during the night and shot them dead, an Iraqi Interior Ministry official said.