LEFT WING LOONIES hating on a Muslim woman who most Americans would love

When a courageous Muslim woman goes public with her call for religious/racial profiling of Muslims at airports, the IslamoFascist apologists attack her as a self-hating Muslim loon.

You’ll recall the video I posted recently of A ONE IN A BILLION Muslim author, Asra Q. Nomani, who made the case FOR religious/racial profiling on CNN. As if this woman’s life isn’t already in enough danger from fundamentalist Muslims, now the left adds fuel to the fire.


From a website called Loonwatch that nobody but loons read. Go there at your own risk.

Loonwatch — Islamophobia is a big business.  From pretend-scholars of Islam to pretend-apostates from Islam, it seems like every other person is trying to cash in on the cash cow that is anti-Muslim bigotry.  All sorts of opportunists have made six-digit salaries and full-time careers out of Muslim-bashing.  (Hey, where do I go to cash in on this?) So it shouldn’t surprise us that some Muslims would want to get in on the action.  And so, I introduce to you one very prominent self-hating loon, namely Asra Nomani.

Nomani has become the “Muslim-for-hire”, selling out her religious community in exchange for fame and money. (Gee, how did they get a look at her tax return or her bank balance?)  Like other anti-Muslim bigots, she arose out of obscurity and shot to national prominence by fear-mongering about the Evil Muslims. Now, she has a very steady career out of doing the neo-con bidding.  Nomani is very useful to the right wing, as she provides them with the “voice from the inside.”  She says the same things as the Islamophobes do, but when she says them, then the Islamophobes can point and say: “Look, even one of their own–a real life Muslim–says the same as we’ve been saying all along!”

This self-hating loon has consistently taken positions that are anti-Muslim.  For example, she came to the swift defense of anti-Muslim bigots who opposed the construction of an Islamic cultural center two blocks away from Ground Zero, arguing that “their fears are legitimate.” When Juan Williams stated that he discriminates against people who “look Muslim”, it was none other than Nomani who came to his defense.  Notice how she prefaces her statement with “I am Muslim.”  Well then, you must automatically be a spokesperson for Muslims everywhere, and whatever you say about Islam and Muslims must be true.  You are, after all, a real life Muslim!  In fact, Asra Nomani can hardly ever write an article or argue a point without injecting herself into it, such is her self-absorbed nature.

When anti-Muslim bigots began burning the Quran, Nomani couldn’t get herself to say a word against these lovely people. (Apparently, unlike Nomani, the left wing loons are not familiar with all the violence in the Quran) Instead, she came out on the side of bigotry once again, writing an article fit for Pamela Geller’s hate (heh) site. (How can a Muslim be a bigot against herself?) When right wing bigots need a Muslim voice, who better to do their bidding than Asra Nomani?  By so doing, she allows people to say “well, there are Muslims on both sides of the aisle.”  She might be one of the only voices chanting anti-Muslim talking points, but HEY A REAL LIFE MUSLIM SAYS WHAT WE’VE BEEN SAYING ALL ALONG!  Suddenly there is an equivalence: “there are Muslims on both sides of the issues!” (Sadly, few and far between)

Asra Nomani is marketed as a “progressive Muslim” and argues that what “we need [is] an expression of institutional Islam that is moderate, progressive and liberal.”  Yet there is absolutely nothing progressive about her. (That’s right, because ‘progressive’ to the left means one must support all the enemies of America) Instead, she actually finds herself agreeing with right wing loons.  In the very same article, she states that “the Tea Party activists actually express the sentiments of Muslims such as myself…”  She (smartly) criticizes liberal and progressive Americans like myself, saying:

Liberal and progressive Americans and their organizations have dropped the ball in having a nuanced, intelligent critique of extremist Islamic ideology, currying pluralism points instead in the name of interfaith relations.

So on the one hand, Muslims should be liberals and progressives…And on the other hand, she always is on the side of right wing loons and against real liberals and progressives (REAL liberals and progressives are pseudonyms for communists).  Nomani’s so-called “liberalism and progressivism” is akin to colonial feminism.  Colonial feminism is when people with no connection to feminism suddenly become indignant about womens’ rights in Foreign-Looking Peoples and Countries.(Unlike the so-called feminists in Europe and America who remain silent about the oppression and abuse of women in Muslim countries)

In the same way, Asra Nomani is far removed from liberalism and progressivism, having no relation to it whatsoever.  Womens’ rights is nothing more than a great big stick with which to bash Muslims over the head with.  Nomani is, allow me to coin a new term (albeit a cheap rip-off of the previous neologism), a colonial liberalist.  Her liberalism and progressivism only comes in the flavor of Muslim-bashing. Her liberalism and progressivism goes into overdrive when it comes to the ultraconservative Saudi Arabia, but meanwhile she remains silent when this Goodly Judeo-Christian Beacon of Light Country imprisons and tortures Muslims without charge. (CRAP) Iran’s belligerence is then seen as the Ultimate Evil, but meanwhile our own country’s multiple unjust (only in an America-hater’s mind) wars cannot be questioned. When it comes to criticizing Muslims, she dons the mantle of liberalism and progressivism.  When liberalism and progressivism would mean standing up for Muslims against right wing nut jobs, she’ll be sure to write a piece chastising Muslims. (The only Muslims liberals stand up for are the most radical Muslims, that’s why)

As a colonial feminist and colonial liberalist, Asra Nomani provides the U.S. government with the proper environment for it to continue waging endless wars against the Muslim world, and to continue occupying their lands. (All by herself? Gee, she’s good! Let’s make her Secretary of Defense) This is no different than what the colonialists aforetime did.  And the Arabs, Africans, and Asians are well aware of it.  The British would always find some chump from amongst the natives to chant the colonialist line.  Back then they used to shower that chump with gifts, money, and positions of power.  In exchange, that person would sell out his own people.  Today, the same dynamic exists: Asra Nomani says what they want her to say, and in exchange she gets media appearances on Fox News, sells her books for millions, and gains positions of prestige.  How Yale took her as a fellow amazes me. (Obviously they aren’t as bigoted against Muslim reformers as you are, douchebag)

Whilst claiming to be the voice of progressive and liberal Islam, she remains chummy with the right wing nuts who find her ever the useful tool.  As a proud progressive myself, I cannot understate the degree of harm that her type of self-hating Muslim-bashing “liberals and progressives” have done. Due to people like her, the term “liberal and progressive” has a negative connotation in the Muslim world. (NO, not because of people like her, because of liberals like the author of this, whose deviant lifestyles and queer worship disgust the Muslim world)

And why shouldn’t this be the case, when all the Muslims have heard from such so-called “liberals and progressives” is how barbaric they are, and how great the West is compared to them?  People like her make it harder for true liberals and progressives to market themselves in the Muslim world.

Muslim Journalist and Activist

Asra Q. Nomani is an Indian-American journalist, author and activist known for her controversial work in the Islamic feminism and reform movements. Born in Bombay, India and raised in Morgantown, West Virginia, she graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in journalism.  Her father helped to organize the first Muslim prayer services in Morgantown in the 1970s.

Asra worked for 15 years as a correspondent for the Wall Street Journal, where she was a close friend and colleague of Daniel Pearl.  Pearl was staying at Nomani’s rented house in Karachi, Pakistan, with his wife Mariane when he was kidnapped and murdered — a story retold in the 2007 film A Mighty Heart, starring Angelina Jolie.

At the time of Pearl’s kidnapping in early 2002, Asra faced an additional shock: a surprise pregnancy and abandonment by the Muslim man she thought would be her husband.  Still reeling from the murder of her friend and with a son to raise, she returned to her family in Morgantown.

Back in Morgantown, she discovered the local mosque had been taken over by men she saw as extremists.  The film chronicles what happens when she decides to fight back against their exclusionism against women — unexpectedly pitting her against the mosque’s moderates.

Asra left Morgantown in 2007 to co-lead The Pearl Project at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.  She teaches investigative journalism while working with students to uncover the full truth behind Pearl’s kidnapping and murder.  The project’s findings will be published by The Center for Public Integrity in early 2010.

Asra is the author of two books, Standing Alone: An American Woman’s Struggle for the Soul of Islam, which is featured in the film, and Tantrika: Traveling the Road of Divine Love.

She now prays at home but dreams of a day when women can pray in the front rows of mosques and preach from the pulpit. www.asranomani.com