TEXANS outraged at KPFT 90.1FM Public Radio Station's broadcasting of al-Qaeda mouthpiece, AL-JAZEERA

Al Jazeera’s hour-long English newscast hit the airwaves this week on KPFT and most radio listeners in Houston are rightly furious. Of course, Terrorist Front Group CAIR is thrilled.

Osama bin Laden’s speeches are aired by al-Jazeera exclusively.

Some had positive things to say while most had nothing but negative comments about the early morning programming change. The plan to air the hour long newscast has been in the works for three years, KPFT station manager Duane Bradley says. He says Houston residents will benefit from a broader perspective of the world. KPFT is one of five stations in the Pacifica Radio Network to carry the program.

But KPFT has to worry about offending its supporters in the community. The radio station survives off of public fundraising.

Al-Jazeera aired the beheadings by al-Qaeda of 3 British hostages

In the meantime, officials at the Council on American-Islamic Relations are applauding the radio station for airing Al Jazeera. Mustafaa Carroll says Americans should take a closer look at the legitimate news organization. (Legitimate? Then why won’t any CAble TV station in the country air this terrorist propaganda organization’s programming?)

SADLY, India is following the same path of broadcasting the terrorists’ favorite network: al-Jazeera infests India