Yeah, but what have Muslims given the world in the last 500 years?

Besides, death, destruction, torture and genocide, virtually nothing. But now we are having so-called ‘Muslim innovation’ rammed down our throats with an exhibit called 1001 INVENTIONS that comes straight out of the Islamic Republic of Britain in an attempt to elevate the status of Muslims in the world….even if they have to bend the truth to do it.

It seems Obama’s Muslim Outreach Agenda spares no expense while half the country is struggling to pay its bills.

NY TIMES — In David Lean’s majestic film “Lawrence of Arabia,” the beleaguered Arab leader Prince Feisal reminds his British Army adviser, T. E. Lawrence, of a glory that once was.  “You know, Lieutenant,” he says, “in the Arab city of Córdoba were two miles of public lighting in the streets when London was a village.” “Yes, you were great,” Lawrence says. To which Feisal replies ruefully, “Nine centuries ago.”

How those inventive juices happened to dry up, or how they might be restored, is not explored in this exhibition. One is reminded, though, of Lawrence’s response to Prince Feisal: “Time to be great again, my lord.” Long past due, some would say.

YourNabe – –A new exhibit, “1001 Inventions,” made its American debut at the New York Hall of Science Saturday and it seeks to dispel a widely circulated rumor about the years from the seventh to the 17th centuries. These lost years are called the “Dark Ages” in Western textbooks, but Juniad Bhatti, a spokesman for the exhibit, said they were the golden years in the Muslim world.

“This is a subject that is not particularly well-known in this era,” he said. “It’s something that needs to be rediscovered because it has a huge impact on how we live our lives today.”

In fact, many visitors are shocked at the extent that Muslim culture has influenced western science, technology and even language. For example, the word “sofa” comes from the Arabic word “suffah” and “traffic” from “taraffaqa.”

But the advances in science and mathematics drastically changed the world. Muslims invented the concept of zero*, and we would not have modern math without it. (This is a blatant lie and knowing they will lie about something as simple as this, how can we trust anything else in this exhibition?)

*The number zero was invented independently in India and by the Maya. In India a decimal system was used, like ours, but they used an empty space for zero up to 3rd Century BC. This was confusing for an empty space was also used to separate numbers, and so they invented the dot for a zero. The first evidence for the use of the symbol that we now know as zero stems from the 7th century AD. The Maya invented the number zero for their calendars in the 3rd century AD. The number zero reached European civilization through the Arabs after 800 AD. The Greek and Roman did not need the number zero for they did their calculations on an abacus. The name ‘zero’ comes from the Arabic language. LINK

And Al-Jazari, an inventor who lived in the 12th and 13th centuries, created a system for converting circular motion to linear motion that has been used in machines for hundreds of years. An example of Al-Jazari’s work, a rod and camshaft, sits under the hood of almost every car in the world.

The exhibit consists of several eight-sided kiosks that are organized by subject matter like medicine, currency and astronomy. On each side, an illuminated plaque describes a specific piece of history and is often accompanied by interactive displays.

Video from London Exhibit

Thanks to a BNI reader, we can see that so-called ‘Islamic’ inventions may not be what Muslims would like you to think they are.  The claim that Muslims invented the ‘zero,’ has been disproven above and here are 20 more.

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Feel free to send others and I will post them.

LINK–These past few years have seen many inventions falsely claimed and attributed to Islamic inventors, which in fact either existed in pre-Islamic eras, were invented by other cultures, or both. Such claims have even been forced upon the unsuspecting public in a nationwide tour which opened with an exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester and the University of Manchester, England. To celebrate this ‘momentous’ series of events, an article titled “How Islamic inventors changed the world” was written by Paul Vallely and published in The Independent on the 11th of March 2006. This shameless piece of propaganda has received much praise from Muslims and is still being widely circulated on Islamic websites, forums, blogs, and is even used as a source (to validate false claims of Islamic inventions) in over twenty[1] separate articles on Wikipedia. This article boldly opened with the following statement: “From coffee to cheques and the three-course meal, the Muslim world has given us many innovations that we take for granted in daily life. As a new exhibition opens, Paul Vallely nominates 20 of the most influential- and identifies the men of genius behind them.[2] This article lists and examines all twenty of these “Islamic inventors/inventions that changed the world” and in doing so, it will expose the lengths some will sink to in order to appease the Islamists.