SAUDI ARABIA to OBAMA: ‘Screw your sanctions on Iran, we’re getting our own nukes’

The Saudi kingdom’s access to Pakistani nuclear weapons has radically reconfigured its relations with Washington and boosted its prestige in the region.

Saudi Arabia has run out of patience and trust that Barack Obama will do anything of consequence about the Iranian nuclear threat.

DEBKA– 1. The rift between Riyadh and the Obama administration has grown wider, focusing now on a dispute over the nuclear question.

2. The day before the Six Powers went back to nuclear negotiations with Tehran in Geneva on Dec. 6, Saudi spokesmen indicated the kingdom had run out of patience with the interminable diplomatic process’s chances of bearing fruit and sent out broad hints that Riyadh had developed an independent nuclear option as concrete as Iran’s.

3. The newly victorious princely hawks of Riyadh look askance at President Barack Obama’s revived diplomatic engagement with Iran. Most of all, they view Washington’s consent to stage the next round of multilateral talks with Iran in Istanbul, thereby bringing Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan aboard, as caving in to Tehran and Ankara alike. The Saudis are furious over Turkey’s elevation to the world power forum facing Iran, while Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf emirates are left out in the cold and unrepresented in a process that affects them more vitally than most of the participants.

4. Riyadh is signaling to Tehran that the moment it goes into weapon production, Riyadh will beat it to the draw with the finished bomb at its disposal.

Monday, Dec. 6, DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources revealed Iran had managed to process 19.75 percent enriched uranium in a quantity that it would take no more than a couple of weeks to top up and convert to the 90 percent purity for building a bomb, meaning that the production of a weapon may be no more than six to eight weeks away.

In this video, Obama gets snubbed by the Russians, then by the Saudis and other dignitaries who were unimpressed with Obama’s genuflections and refused to shake  his outstretched hand. Obama is on the left side of the King who is dressed in white.