More than 75% of Czechs oppose mosque contruction

The reason? High rates of Muslim crime and terrorism.

Wherever Muslims go, high crime rates seem to follow.

Islam Memo via Islam in Europe – As a reason for not supporting further construction of Islamic buildings, most of the research indicated concern about rising crime perpetrated by Muslims. Opponents of new mosques have also argued that elsewhere in Europe  increased mosque building has caused increased terrorist activity. Around 15,000 Muslims now live in the Czech Republic.

Czechs are amongst the most atheistic nations in Europe. 76.2 percent of them, but they believe in Christian tradition, values and culture.

President Vaclav Klaus also opposes the construction of Islamic buildings in particular because Islam in the Czech Republic has no tradition. And like Angela Merkel of Germany, Klaus also believes that multiculturalism has been a big mistake. Klaus’s view, however, has caused an uproar by Muslims who now live in the Czech Republic and claim the right to build their houses of prayer.

The vice president of the Islamic Society of Czech says, “We are very concerned about our president’s remarks. The comments that he was not a supporter of the construction of mosques in the Czech Republic have raised fears of  support for Islamophobia at high political levels.

The Second Vice-President of the Assembly, “We fear that statements of President Klaus will cause the loss of tolerance (HAH! The most intolerant people in the world calling for tolerance) in society and the escalation of s of hatred against Muslims. They can also be an indication of a decline in the values and freedoms that led to anti-Semitism in the late nineteenth century and turned into a Holocaust. (Aided, abetted, and advocated by Muslim leaders, up until today).

“Unlike Barack Obama, who supported the Muslim community in the United States in a dispute over the Ground Zero mosque, President Klaus is not ready to be president for all citizens of the Czech Republic. (Yes, he is, but he doesn’t consider Muslims to be Czech citizens and rightfully so) He pointed out that Klaus’ intimidating and hostile statements will have a negative impact on the future of Muslims in the Czech Republic. (That’s the idea!)