Hey Muslims, keep on building more mosques where you're not wanted

Police have arrested two men for allegedly beating up an Imam in a racially fueled attack on a NYC subway train.

Investigators said the two men accosted the 49-year-old victim as they all rode the northbound A train at 3:30 a.m. Wednesday.  For unknown reasons (Heh), the men started using anti-Muslim names and slurs. The verbal abuse then turned physical, police said, with the two men ganging up on the Imam and pulling the rag off his head.

The fight spilled onto the Canal Street station platform, and the Imam was pushed to the ground. He suffered minor bruises, but refused medical attention.(But you can bet Eric Holder will be filing federal hate crime charges and putting them in jail for life. Or sending them to a CAIR re-education camp)

NY DAILY NEWS (H/T WTD)The clash between Melendez and [imam] Peterson was sparked by a “bump” on the subway – not bigotry, said Melendez’s lawyer, Angel Soto. He said Crespo, who is engaged to Melendez’s sister, tried to break up the fight, never saw the kufi and stuck around to help the imam.”

Sounds to me as if this kufi wearing imam was considerably less than cordial &/or recklessly clumsy with fellow passengers (all two of them) on the northbound A-train & platform at 3:25 a.m. Wednesday. This ‘imams’ rap sheet (see below) indicates his credibility should be questioned. For instance, he claims he was mugged.
For what . . .his kufi (headrag)?
At that ungodly hour of 3:25 a.m., was this ‘imam’ a bit over-eager, or suffering insomnia and heading out in preparation for first morning call to prayer (fajr @ 5:47 am)or was he stressing for an excuse to convince his baby-mama of plausible delay [given the next mornings headlines & escalation to hate crime fiction] instead of fessing up to straying to the latest booty call beyond curfew?[see note below, you see, fiesty imam Rod Peterson is daddy to several children]
Where are the statements from the defendants? What exactly were the words this imam used in his interaction with the two men? Give these two defendants their day in court.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, which pressed prosecutors to charge the suspects with hate crimes, described the victim as a “Queens-based imam.”

Peterson, an imam from Queens, is a married father of several children. He has a rap sheet that includes arrests for burglary, robbery and criminal possession of a weapon, records show.