BRITISH Home Secretary may ban controversial anti-Islam American pastor Terry Jones

Just like the Brits did to American Talk Show host, Michael Savage, Home Secretary Theresa May is considering banning the U.S. pastor who threatened to burn the Quran from visiting Britain.


But the UK caters to the Muslim garbage in their country who advocate death to soldiers, the Queen, and the imposition of Sharia law.

UK DAILY MAIL–Terry Jones is hoping to attend an English Defence League rally in February next year so he can speak out against Islamic extremism. But despite insisting today that he is not anti-Muslim, Home Secretary Theresa May said she was looking into banning the 58-year-old from entering the country.

‘Of course the Home Secretary has the right to exclude people who are not conducive to public good or on national security grounds, she told Sky News’ Sunday Live. ‘Pastor Terry Jones has been on my radar for a few months now.

‘It wasn’t clear that he was definitely coming to the UK but if it is now clear that he’s definitely coming to the UK, then of course this is a case that I will be actively looking at.’

The EDL, a far-right movement who have held demonstrations across the country, have invited the Florida-based pastor to their rally on February 5 next year in Luton, Bedfordshire. The event is being billed as ‘our biggest ever’ by the controversial organisation.

A statement on Jones’ website said: ‘During the protest, Dr Terry Jones will speak against the evils and destructiveness of Islam in support of the continued fight against the Islamification of England and Europe.’

The pastor said that he will be speaking about religious integration. ‘We have no problem with Muslims – we have freedom of speech and religion – Muslims who want to make our country their country, obey our laws and constitution,’ he told BBC Radio 5 Live.

‘We have a problem with them, which I believe you all have also, when they go on the street… and they call for the death of the UK, for the death of Israel, for the death of America. They call for Sharia law.

‘They say they are going to turn Buckingham Palace into a mosque and the Queen must convert to Islam or leave the country.’ Jones said, ‘I would describe
the EDL as a group who, I believe, in their words they want England to stay English.’

Anti-extremist group Hope not Hate said that Jones should be banned from the U.K. Director Nick Lowles said: ‘Pastor Jones should not be allowed to set foot in the United Kingdom. Only extremists will benefit from his visit and, as we know, extremism breeds hatred and hatred breeds violence.

‘It is yet another example of how the EDL exists only to sow the seeds of intimidation and division.(But the Muslims only want to spread peace and love?)

‘Hope not Hate is launching a petition to call for Jones to be banned from the UK.’

Weyman Bennett, joint national secretary of Unite Against Fascism, said: ‘Terry Jones is coming here to whip up Islamophobia and racism. (It is not Islamophobia when Muslims are trying to kill you and dominate your country, fool)

We intend on calling a mass demonstration where everyone can oppose the growth of racism and fascism in this country.’ (Then you should be demonstrating against the Muslims who are the biggest racists and fascists in your country)

A Home Office spokesman said: ‘We do not routinely comment on individual cases.’

Home Secretary Theresa May has the power to deport or exclude a person deemed to threaten people’s safety, national security or public order. (So why isn’t she deporting the Muslims?)

Jones gained notoriety around the world when he called for an international ‘burn a Koran’ day on the anniversary of 9/11. An effigy of him was burnt in Afghanistan and the protest was eventually called off.

His planned stunt drew opposition from across the world. President Barack Obama appealed to him on television, and Defense Secretary Robert Gates called him personally.