WTF? Guess who's giving 'cultural sensitivity' training to 2,000 LAX Airport security personnel

The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), an organization tied to the terror-linked Muslim Brotherhood, is giving cultural sensitivity training to over 2,000 airport security personnel at Los Angeles International Airport.

Christian Action–“Last week, MPAC completed a quarterly training for Transportation Security Officers (TSO) with about 2,200 officers receiving training on cultural awareness about Islam and Muslims,” the group’s press release reads.

Muslim TSA agent frisking nun

“This was an important achievement for MPAC and the Muslim American community in light of the recent airport security changes and because TSOs are responsible for screening passengers and luggage.”

As pointed out by Connie Hair at, a comprehensive study by the Center for Security Policy called “Sharia: The Threat to America” warns that MPAC was founded by the radical Muslim Brotherhood.

“The founders of the Islamic Center for Southern California are Hassan Hathout and his brother Maher Hathout. The late Hassan Hathout was a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement. The two brothers Maher spent time in an Egyptian prison during the early days of the Muslim Brotherhood’s activities there, led by the Brotherhood’s founder Hassan Al Banna,” the study reports.

The study also stated that MPAC has been instrumental in influencing the U.S. government to stop using terms like “radical Islam” that indicate a theological connection to terrorism.

MPAC says that it has put together programs to combat terrorism and denies being linked to extremism.

“As a community-based policy advocacy group working for the integration of Muslims into American pluralism, MPAC actively strives to effect policy reforms that uphold core American values and preserve Constitutionally protected freedoms of all Americans,” the group’s website says.