YOU'VE GOT MAIL! "We may just declare Jihad on you"

OHIO Mosque e-mail message from neighbors:  “You should know that you are not wanted in Cincinnati. We don’t want you here. Mohammad is a joke. Go back to your desert. Beware. We may just declare Jihad on you.”

Big fat American convert to Islam, Karen Dabdoub, who runs the Cincinnati Chapter of Terrorist Front Group CAIR, whines, “This is my city, too. This is my kids’ city. There’s no place for me to go back to. This is where I’m from.” (And now you are a slave to Islam and the head of a Hamas-connected unindicted co-conspirator in a terror financing case)

Dabdoub said today’s environment fosters a safe place to breed hate and allows anti-Muslim sentiment to go unchallenged. (Get used to it) “When you have elected officials and other types of community leaders saying these kinds of things, it makes a lot of other people feel like well, if they can say it, then I can say it,” said Dabdoub. “And get away with it.”