STAK on TERROR's exclusive interview with member of Iran's Revolutionary Guard

Eric Stakelbeck for CBN News goes inside Iran’s fearsome Revolutionary Guards Corps with Reza Khalili, a former member who worked undercover for the CIA to try to bring down the Iranian regime.

CBN NEWS (H/T Susan K)–The Revolutionary Guards Corps is the most powerful and influential force behind Iran’s secretive and radical regime. Over the past 30 years, its structure has been nearly impossible for Western intelligence agencies to penetrate. Yet, Khalili put his life on the line to gather sensitive information for the CIA about the inner workings of the Iranian regime.

Watch as he shares his story in an exclusive interview with Stakelbeck on Terror.  Khalili also wrote about the experience in his book, A Time to Betray. Because of the nature of his work, Khalili is forced to disguise his identity and alter his voice for safety reasons.