YES! Georgia town votes down new monster mosque

The year long fight over an ostentatious new mosque in Lilburn is over. A deadlocked city council vote on a re-zoning request means a no-go for the mega-mosque.

FOX ATLANTA (H/T Melissa) — Monday night’s vote was about a controversial rezoning request from a local Muslim congregation. The congregation wants a new mosque, but residents have been fighting it for at least a year. The council voted 2-to-2 to deny the request. The city attorney says without a majority that essentially means, the request was turned down.

“We do not understand what happened,” said Doug Dillard. “It’s a waste of taxpayer money to allow Lilburn to
continue to sue us over what we’re clearly legally entitled to.” Dillard, the attorney representing the Dar-e-Abbas congregation, said the city of Lilburn is denying the rights of the Muslim community. (Good for them)

Members of Dar-e-Abbas congregation said they’ve outgrown their mosque and want to build a new one on four acres at Hood Road and Lawrenceville Highway. (I hear there’s loads of room in the Middle East and no infidels to get in your way)

“We are only asking for a mosque to be built. About 20,000 square feet. That’s all,” said Sydney Jamshed (That’s ALL? First it’s “that’s all” in one town, then it’s “that’s all” in the next town until all anyone can hear 5 times a day is that disgusting call to prayer that only Obama considers to be the pretiest sound on earth)

Members of the congregation say they’re disappointed, but they’re not going anywhere just yet. (Is that a threat?)

There’s already a lawsuit in federal court. The Muslim congregation is suing the city of Lilburn claiming its religious rights were violated. (Notice how everything Muslims litigate about has a religious undercurrent? What the hell happened to separation of mosque and state in this country?)

Atlanta already has 79 such Muslim monster places of worship in addition to 29 cultural and learning centers.

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