Why are Muslim ass lifters prostrating themselves all over the streets when there are so many mosques in France?

Muslims say, “France is ours!” This new seven-minute video from Riposte Laique, is a panorama of the mosques that are spreading like the plague around the French landscape. The photographer, Maxime Lepante, is also the author of numerous videos of praying Muslims littering the streets of Paris.

Gallia Watch (H/T Robin) –It opens with a remark on the unconstitutional collaboration by the State in the building of these mosques, then follows their growth from 1965 to the present. As of today, there are 2359 mosques in France, including many under construction. The images are first of the existing edifices, then those under construction or in the planning stages. In all, 105 mosques are featured. At the end, the Algerian flag and the words “France Is Ours!”.

This makes me wonder why so many Muslims choose to pray on the sidewalks if there are so many mosques in France? Oh that’s right, they are are capitalizing on the guilt of the politically correct.