UK: MUSLIM asylum seeker runs down a 12-year old girl and leaves her to die like a dog in the street

As if that wasn’t horrific enough, Muslim-sympathizer and sorry excuse for a leader, David Cameron, allows this Muslim bastard to remain in the country instead of deporting him.

UK DAILY MAIL(H/T Susan K) –David Cameron was accused last night of breaking a personal pledge to scrap the Human Rights Act after a failed asylum seeker who killed a 12-year-old girl used the discredited law to stay in Britain.

Aso Mohammed Ibrahim knocked down Amy Houston and left her to ‘die like a dog’ under the wheels of his car. He was driving while disqualified and after the little girl’s death he committed a string of further offenses.

Earlier this year Mr Cameron wrote to Amy’s father, Paul Houston, promising reforms that would ensure ‘that rights are better balanced against responsibilities’. He said the Human Rights Act would be replaced by a British Bill of Rights.

But yesterday Ibrahim, an Iraqi Kurd, won his lengthy fight to stay in Britain. Immigration judges ruled that sending him home would breach his right to a ‘private and family life’ as he has now fathered two children in the UK. (Two more terrorists in training)

Last night Amy’s father Paul branded the Act an ‘abomination to civilised society’. He said: ‘This decision shows the Human Rights Act to be nothing more than a charter for thieves, killers, terrorists and illegal immigrants.’

Ibrahim, now 33, arrived in Britain hidden in the back of a lorry in January 2001. His application for asylum was refused and a subsequent appeal in November 2002 failed, but he was never sent home.

Paul and daughter Amy


In 2003, while serving a nine-month driving ban for not having insurance or a licence, he ploughed into Amy near her mother’s home in Blackburn. He ran away, leaving her conscious and trapped beneath the wheels of his black Rover. Six hours later her father had to take the heartbreaking decision to turn off her life-support system.

But despite leaving Amy to die, Ibrahim was jailed for just four months after admitting driving while disqualified and failing to stop after an accident. Since his release from prison he has accrued a string of further convictions, including more driving offences, harassment and cautions for burglary and theft.

Paul Houston recalls, ‘The image of Amy taking her final breath, dying a foot away from me as I sat by her bedside holding her hand praying for a miracle, will stay with me till the day I die.’

Mr Houston, of Darwen, Lancashire, said he was ‘absolutely devastated’ by the decision to allow Ibrahim to stay in the country indefinitely. ‘How can he say he’s deprived of his right to a family life? The only person deprived of a family life is me. Amy was my family.’

Amy was Mr Houston’s only child and for medical reasons he is unable to have any more children.

To any sane mind, failed asylum seeker Aso Mohammed Ibrahim, who ran down 12-year-old Amy Houston and, in the words of the girl’s father, left her to ‘die like a dog’ under his car, should be deported.

Instead, judges ruled this serial Iraqi criminal, who sneaked into Britain in the back of a lorry nine years ago, should be allowed to remain here permanently.

Disgracefully, the immigration tribunal decided that — under Labour’s insidious Human Rights Act — Ibrahim has a right to a ‘family life’ in order to care for his British wife and two children, fathered after he killed Amy. To hell with the family — and young life — he so casually destroyed.

In response to this terrible injustice, Amy’s father, Paul, tells the Mail: ‘This decision shows the Human Rights Act to be nothing more than a charter for thieves, killers, terrorists and illegal immigrants. The rights of the criminal have been favoured over the rights of the victim and that is an abomination to civilised society.’