Muslims in the suicide bomber's Luton town got $775,000 in taxpayer money to combat terror yet didn't provide police with a single tip

Muslim groups in the town where the Stockholm suicide bomber lived given more than $775,000 in grants that were handed out to mosques, schools, and women’s projects by Luton council to prevent young Muslims being radicalized. (HAH!)

UK DAILY MAIL– Under the Home Office’s Preventing Violent Extremism scheme, Islamic organisations are given money to stop members turning to violence. The groups are urged to reveal the names of those likely to commit violent crimes so they can be put on an ‘at-risk’ list by police.

But the Daily Mail has learnt that – despite hundreds of thousands of dollars being given to groups in Luton since 2008 – not a single name has been handed over.

It comes as the PVE scheme has been put under review by the Government for being ineffective after it was revealed a huge amount of the money simply went to sports and arts groups.

Suicide bomber’s car

The Luton Islamic Centre, where Taimour Abdulwahab Al-Abdaly preached before being banned, refused to sign up as leaders did not want to inform on their ‘Muslim brothers and sisters’.

Iraq-born Al-Abdaly studied in Luton for several years and became obsessed with extremism while in the UK. He blew up his car then himself in Stockholm last Saturday, the day before his 29th birthday. Swedish authorities said he ‘missed causing a catastrophe by minutes’.

Islamic Centre chairman Qadeer Baksh said: ‘The reason we didn’t take the Government money for the Preventing Violent Extremism scheme is that it requires us to inform on fellow Muslims. ‘If we had taken the money our members would have seen us as working for the Government. The young men with radical views would not have listened to us. ‘I have never called the police or authorities on anyone.’

Suicide bomber’s mosque in Luton

Matthew Sinclair, director of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said the Government should focus on tackling terrorism directly rather than wasting money on community groups. He added: ‘It’s shocking that the PVE grants given out in Luton seem to have achieved such poor results.’