OH NO! Terrorist Front Group CAIR is outraged that police trainers think Muslims are the enemy

Hezbollah-supporter, Nihad Awad of CAIR, says the government should not be paying people who see Muslims as a suspect community to train police and demands they stop it immediately. (That’s right, better to have terrorist-sympathizers train them)

The DOJ has not yet responded to CAIRs demands, but a spokesman says the government is protecting privacy, civil rights and civil liberties in the use of expert to educate police and legal professionals about a basic understanding of Islam in what it calls sensitivity training for law enforcement. CAIR is drafting other letters to Dept of Homeland Security and Dept of Defense demanding same as DOJ not to use anti Muslim trainers.

Expect a lawsuit to follow. I’d love to know how CAIR manages to find out this kind of information. Must have moles on the inside.