Guess what the Obama Regime did NOT tell you about the Christmas Day panty bomber incident

Apparently the underwear bomber on Christmas Day 2009 wasn’t the only scare in the air. Two other travelers on two different flights put passengers and crew at risk that day. At least one of them appears to have been a Muslim.

WXYZ (H/T Mark) Action News was the only station to report about one of those incidents, and details on both are now revealed in documents obtained by Channel 7. Unbelievably, one of the incidents happened on the very same Delta route – Amsterdam to Detroit – that Abdulmutallab was also flying that day. Abdulmutallab was on Flight 253. But there was another incident, on Delta Flight 249 Amsterdam to Detroit later that day.

Passenger Arnoldus Mol of the Netherlands was handcuffed to his seat after becoming disruptive on the flight. A flight attendant says while the restraints were being attached, he was headbutted by Mol. Mol also kissed the flight attendant on the cheek. The flight attendant’s thumb and shoulder were injured. Passengers say Mol was throwing food and yelling anti-American and pro-Afghanistan statements.

U.S. Customs officials tell Action News nobody pressed any charges against Mol, but he was placed on the next flight back to Amsterdam after he gave conflicting stories about whom he was visiting in the United States. (Can everyone say ‘Dry Run?’)

There was also a third incident on Christmas Day, when Virgin America Flight 25 from New York City to San Francisco was diverted to Detroit. Police reports indicate that passenger Sathi Fung became disruptive and started yelling at a flight attendant because his meal contained meat. Fung was irate, swearing at the crew, then extending his forefinger out and with his thumb up in the shape of a gun, he placed it to the flight attendant’s temple and simulated shooting him in the head.

He was arrested for interfering with a flight crew which is a federal offense. Investigators say he did not check any baggage, and was carrying $15,000 in small bills. The cash was confiscated.

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