First they came for the Jews and the Swedes did nothing…

Now they (Muslims) are coming for the Coptic Chrstians and the Swedes will do nothing. We know what comes next.

Islam in Europe–The Gothenburg Coptic Christian church in Agnesberg  was closed down after receiving an internet threat. The threat was vague, but the Swedish security service was called in. There are about 400 Coptic families in Sweden, most living in the Stockholm area. The community in Gothenburg has about 200 members.

On Christmas Eve the community’s pastor, Father Shenouda, was visited by four police officers who said that there were calls on the internet for what the police called ‘activities’ against certain Christian churches in Europe.

Father Shenouda contacted his community members and told them that Sunday’s mass was canceled. The church is closed for up to two weeks, to enable the police to look for possible bombs. The Coptic Christmas Eve is on Jan. 6th, and they hope to be able to use the church by then.

Police spokesperson Jan Strannegård did not want to say more about the threat or what security measure the police have taken in response. Strannegård didn’t say whether the threat originated in Egypt.

Half of all Jews have already left Malmo because of the Muslim violence against them