UK BISHOP condemns Christian 'racism' but never once mentions Muslims

The Bishop of St Albans, Rt Rev Dr Alan Smith, used his Christmas sermon in St Albans Cathedral to warn against “destructive powers which try to divide communities, races and religions,” singling out only the English Defence League which fights against Islamization of the UK.

Bedford Today — The Bishop of St Albans spoke of the need to “stand firm” against racism in society.

He acknowledged “hatred and unrest” could be found within Britain, using the example of the controversial marches undertaken by far-right group the English Defence League (EDL), which provoked clashes in town and cities during the year.

He said: “But hatred and unrest is not just found in far away places. In the past year we have seen racist marches on our streets in London and Bolton, in Dudley and Peterborough, in Aylesbury and Bradford, led by individuals who want to stir up unrest.

“Even as I speak, demonstrations are being planned in Luton in six weeks’ time which could seriously undermine community relations. (Yet he avoids mentioning the reason for the protests such as when Muslims tried to shut down a homecoming parade for UK soldiers by calling them murderers and holding signs that said they will burn in Hell. Nope, not a word about that) Some people are even trying to commandeer Christianity to support their cause.”

He also spoke of the violence faced by Christians in Iraq resulting in killings on the grounds of their beliefs.(Yet never mentions that the murderers are Muslims)

He said: “Still today we live in a world where there are destructive powers which try to divide communities, races and religions. The Christian church in Iraq is one of the oldest in the world, yet 50% of Christians in that country have had to flee since 2003 in the face of extreme violence. (Still doesn’t mention that they are fleeing Muslim persecution of Christians)

“Tragically, we receive almost daily reports of Christians being attacked or murdered there.(By whom, aliens?) This Christmas many church services have been cancelled because of threats. They have appealed for us to pray for their protection.” (Praying won’t do it, groups like the EDL will)

The Rt Revd Dr Alan Smith called for greater compassion among people regardless of their religion.

(It’s people like this Bishop who are helping to turn the UK into an Islamic state)