AFGHANISTAN: Men and women have equal rights

A man and woman who were accused of carrying on an adulterous affair BOTH have been stoned to death.

NY DAILY NEWS — The barbaric act is the latest in a string of archaic sentences handed down by the Taliban, which practices a strict adherence to Islamic law.

“Two people were stoned to death by Taliban in Mullah Quli village late yesterday,” Mohammad Ayob, the governor of Imam Sahib district in Kunduz province, AFP reports. The couple, both in their 20s, had their hands tied behind their backs and stood in a field as several people among 100 local villagers threw rocks at them until they died.

“The Taliban convicted both to stoning to death, some from the crowd started throwing stones at the couple.” The man, 28, was married, while the woman, 23, was engaged. The couple allegedly confessed to having had an affair with one another.

The Taliban, which routinely carried out such sentences during its rule of Afghanistan in the late 1990s, recently flogged and stoned to death a pregnant woman for allegedly committing adultery.

The actual stoning carried out

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