Is the Muslim plague the reason why so many Swedes are fleeing Sweden?

Emigration away from Sweden reached its highest level in 2010. Last year 39,240 people emigrated from Sweden. This year the figure is expected to be 49,000, an increase of 24%.

Stockholm News–This shows the preliminary population statistics for 2010, according to Statistics Sweden. The increase in the number of emigrants is most remarkable, the authority considers. A total of 99,000 persons immigrated to Sweden in 2010, which is about 4000 fewer than last year.

But this year’s emigration trend may be beginning of something new, according to Annika Klintefelt, population statistician at Statistics Sweden. Declining net immigration could mean that more Swedes are choosing to live abroad, ” she says to news agency TT.

Many Swedes who emigrate seems to prefer the other Nordic countries. On top of the list is Norway, where more than 7,000 people emigrated last year.

According to the Swedish Embassy in Oslo is around 25,000 Swedes reported to be living in Norway, but it is estimated that as many as 50,000 Swedes have their work only in the Oslo area. When the new year begins, Sweden’s population is estimated to be 9.417 million people.

Incidents of Muslims attacking Swedish firefighters could be one of the reasons. On a wall is written,”He who kills a policeman will go to Paradise.”

Here is an interview with some firemen in Sweden talking about how they cope with a hostile Muslim population that sets fires, then attacks them when they come to put them out and save anyone who may be in danger from them. This of course is now familiar as it is classic ‘Al Queda Handbook’ stuff on how to make a no go zone.




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  1. We have problem with muslims in Balkan area, especialy in Kosovo with Albanians.They are like a plague, spreading around Europe.

  2. Viking1, you just went full retard, never go full retard. I don’t like muslims either but your american redneck stupidity is overwhelming.

  3. Not surprised. Their own government, the royal families and the media are all against them. I would probably leave as well. The land of the mid-night sun is now the land of the crescent moon. Sharia law will now reign supreme. No more beautiful blonde women to gaze at because they will be compelled to wear the vail and burque. This is what happens when a notion loses it will to hold fast. We can all thank our radical liberal social democrats just like Obama.

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