But, but, but, I thought Allah will provide?

Recent convert to Islam, Lauren Booth, Tony Blair’s sister-in-law, has gone bankrupt.

UK DAILY MAIL — So poverty-stricken is Lauren Booth, 43, that she has just been forced to declared herself bankrupt, despite a $23,000 bail out from her half-sister Cherie Blair. (So why doesn’t she marry one of her Hamas pals, I hear they are loaded)

Lauren, a writer, broadcaster and Palestinian rights activist who recently converted to Islam in an extra ordinary epiphany after she visited a shrine in Iran, is named in the London Gazette as having petitioned for bankruptcy in the run-up to Christmas.

Among other things, her insolvency means she will have difficulty using a credit card, she cannot be a company director for up to 15 years, cannot run a company, is forbidden to stand as an MP, and there may even be problems over her bank account.

Cherie, who shares the same father with Lauren — Till Death Us Do Part actor Tony Booth — understandably felt Lauren had a cheek to ask her for money, considering how critical Lauren has been over Blair’s role in the war in Iraq. She has written at length on the subject.

Mother-of-two Lauren’s financial plight comes as she goes through a divorce from her actor husband Craig Darby, having returned to Britain last year after their dream of a new life in France collapsed.

Now giving a flat in Muswell Hill, North London, as her address to the Bankruptcy Division of the High Court, Lauren admits her finances have been in a mess for some time.

MUST SEE! Lauren says, “We are all Palestinians now.”



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