The Dutch right-wing popular politician Geert Wilders plans to publish a book highly critical of Islam in 2011.

RNW–The book, following his controversial 2008 anti-Islam film called Fitna, is particularly aimed at the American market.

The head of the Party for Freedom (PVV) told De Telegraaf the book would be ‘about how we can better fight the Islamization of the world.’

The book is aimed mainly at the US market and focuses on how to combat the spread of Islam on a global level. We can do a lot here in the Netherlands, but we want to send out a strong international signal to the Arab world that a party in the centre of power in this country is fighting back,” Mr Wilders told the paper.

His Freedom Party cherishes “a wide range” of ambitions, he says in the interview. “Our first priority is to launch the International Freedom Alliance, which boils down to a platform against Islam. That will be huge.”

Wilders, whose PVV is now supporting the coalition Dutch government but not formally part of the coalition, is also intending to found an ‘International Freedom Alliance.’

Wilders praised a similar book by the former German central banker Thilo Sarrazin this year, which complained that Germany’s level of Turkish immigration was destroying the country from within.