(MUSLIM?) bomb threats on 12 NYC synagogues

A letter threatening to blow up New York City synagogues was discovered the same day as the release of a state report showing that hate crimes against Jews had risen significantly (along with the increase in the Muslim population)

(But left wing media whores like Katie Couric only want to talk about Islamophobia)

JTAA letter discovered on the evening of Dec. 30 at the Congregation Ohab Zedek on the upper West Side of Manhattan threatened to blow up the synagogue on New Year’s Eve, the New York Post reported. The newspaper quoted synagogue rabbi Allen Schwartz as saying that up to a dozen other synagogues received similar letters.

The report on hate crimes in New York State for 2009 was also released late last week by the state Division of Criminal Justice Services. According to the report, 37 percent of hate crimes for 2009 were against Jews and Jewish institutions, a 15 percent rise over the previous year, according to reports. There were 251 hate crimes against Jews and Jewish property in 2009, up from 219 the previous year.

The total number of hate crimes in New York State rose by 14 percent, from 599 to 683.

Anti-black hate crimes accounted for 21 percent of the total, anti-male homosexual hate crimes for 12 percent, and anti-Hispanic hate crimes for 6 percent.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s most recent hate crime statistics, released Monday, show that crimes committed due to racial biases are the most prevalent and that — despite a great deal of rhetoric to the contrary — for crimes committed due to a religious bias, it is still safer to be Muslim than it is to be Jew. Of the 1,575 victims of a religious bias, over 70 percent were victims of an anti-Jewish bias. Only 8.4 percent were the victims of an anti-Muslim bias.