OMG! A Muslim commenter whom I banned from this website is making news in the UK

Iftikhar Ahmad, of the London School of Islamics, still posts comments here, but they automatically go into the trash file. He was banned for always posting the same crap about how the British government should create and fund Muslim-ONLY schools.

UK DAILY STAR (H/T Scottish Infidel)-MUSLIM teachers have blasted the BBC as “bigoted and Islamophobic” after a documentary about Muslim schools. (SEE THE STORY AND VIDEOS HERE: uk-muslim-children-being-taught-how-to-perform-brutal-sharia-punishment)

The Panorama investigation by veteran journalist John Ware claimed children were exposed to extremist preachers and fundamentalist Islamic groups. He also revealed that a network of 40 part-time Saudi schools were offering to teach the Saudi national curriculum, and standard textbooks showed children the correct way to cut off thieves’ hands and feet.

But tutors at the London School of Islamics (LSI) branded Ware an “Islam basher.” Spokesman Iftikhar Ahmad added: “The Panorama show was a confused and sensationalist bit of film-making. Last night the BBC said it “stood by the documentary 100%”.


School watchdogs are now looking into why part-time schools can escape Ofsted inspections and will report to Education Secretary Michael Gove.

Ahmad, 68, who heads the London School of Islamics, came to the UK from Pakistan in 1967 and campaigns for state funding for Muslim only schools because he believes “Muslim children need Muslim teachers.” “It is the duty of the teacher to guide young children but a non-Muslim teacher is not in a position to provide any kind of Islamic guidance to very young children,” he told the BBC News website. For example, we teach our children that pigs and dogs are unclean animals, but the English love dogs and eat bacon and are going to teach them that.”