Eating Halal food? Then you are supporting Islamic terrorism.

This story is about France and the UK and the hidden Halal food tax being paid by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. But as you can see by the previous story here, Halal food is sneaking into U.S. restaurants, too, but you may not be aware of it.

Find out if the meat you are buying has been Halal slaughtered. In the UK, supermarkets, restaurants, and institutions have been found to be using Halal-tortured meat products without telling the public. In the US, you can BOYCOTT STORES THAT HAVE ADMITTED TO SELLING HALAL including McDonalds, KFC, A&W, Whole Foods, Walmart, Nestle and Campbell’s Soup.

CBN — In North America, one of the halal certification organizations is the Islamic Society of North America. ISNA was an un-indicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terror trial because of its ties to the terror group Hamas, which is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.

One of the objections to halal food is that it contains a tax that non-Muslims pay when they buy it. Journalist Del Valle said Halal food has been a brilliant political and business strategy for the Muslim Brotherhood. “The food was two victories in one. We split people. We divide two societies inside a society. And we make money,” he said.

Some say halal food is no different than Kosher, but Wagner disagrees. “No, it’s not like kosher food. Kosher-eating people are not preaching for the destruction of democracy. Halal is sharia. And we need to ban any sharia-related thing in our society,” he said.




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  1. I don’t believe this. A finger in their neck? Telling them no harm will come to them? No harm, just your throat slit!!!! The finger in the neck thing bothers me, people can be subdued in the same way (if you know where to press!) Incidentally what was this video meant to achieve? Big men are stronger than little goats

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