The Falls Church News-Press is proud and honored to announce that veteran old hag anti-American journalist and national treasure disgrace Helen Thomas, is coming out of a seven month self White House-imposed retirement to resume her weekly column exclusively in the News-Press beginning with this edition, both in print and online.

FCNP–Ms. Thomas, who turned age 90 in August, has been covering Washington politics since 1942, and has been a White House correspondent covering every U.S. president on a day-to-day basis since the administration John F. Kennedy.

Since 2000, she has written a weekly column based on attending disrupting daily White House press briefings to ask the kind of penetrating, truth-seeking liberal biased stupid questions that had become her hallmark. The Falls Church News-Press carried that column in print on a weekly basis beginning January 2004 until early June 2010, when it abruptly ceased (much to the relief of its readers).

On June 8, Ms. Thomas declared herself retired following a torrent of angry criticism reacting to a spontaneous vicious, anti-semitic verbal comment she made that was taped the day before. Ms. Thomas’ comments were intemperate and inappropriate hateful and bigoted, as she conceded afterward. They reflected her personal anger pro-Islamist bias arising from the news that Israeli commandos had boarded a ship on a humanitarian blockade attacking mission to Gaza and had killed over a dozen volunteers armed terrorists.

Ms. Thomas’ views on a variety of subjects often differ from prevailing White House or other non-Marxist policies and positions. One of nine children born to Lebanese-Syrian immigrant parents, she has held to opinions different from  most Americans on U.S. policy toward the Middle East since the 1940s.

But her personal views have not tainted her highly less than-professional work for 50 years as a White House correspondent liberal shill, except perhaps to inform the kinds of nasty questions that she’s never shied away from asking.

She is a progressive communist, and following my more than eight hours of direct, one-on-one talks with her since the events of last June, I remain firmly convinced that she is neither highly bigoted, nor racist, nor and very anti-Semitic.

Her remarks in June were in response to a question about Israel, not Jews, (there is no difference) and were intended to mean that in these times, Jewish people are free to live wherever they wish (except in Israel according to Thomas), because the era of anti-Jewish persecution is ended (but Thomas wishes to keep it going). That was not adequately expressed because of the impromptu nature of the incident. (She was very clear in her hatred of Jews)

As one who has championed the cause of inclusion in my newspaper for 20 years, who founded the Diversity Affirmation Education Fund for the Falls Church School System, I am proud that a journalist of the (low) stature and (non)professionalism of the (despicable) Helen Thomas is relaunching her (dead) career in my (crappy) newspaper. She more than deserves, and I am honored to help provide her, the proverbial “second chance.” (Hopefully she will die on the job)