CANADA: Forcing 5th Graders to study the Quran?

A Muslim leader says that sending free copies of the Qur’an home with Grade 5 students will create better understanding between people of different faiths.

Mirsad Kaplani, executive director of the Kitchener masjid (mosque), holds a copy of the Qur’an e wants sent to all 5th graders

The Record(H/T Susan K) “People don’t have the right message, the right picture, of Islam,” said Mirsad Kaplani, who is executive director of the Kitchener masjid, the place of Muslim worship, on Victoria Street.  “If you only knew about Islam from the media, there would be a gap between you and me.” (The only gap between you and me is that you support an Islamic Caliphate and we do not)

But if people read the Qur’an, “they can educate themselves, they can know more about Islam in the right way, from the right source,” he said Monday. (Only if they get a real translation and not the sanitized one you give infidels)

“The more we know about each other, the closer we’ll come together.” (The more we know about you, the more we loathe you)

Kaplani, who ran unsuccessfully for public school trustee last October, has applied for permission to distribute the Muslim holy book to students, using the public schools as a distribution network. (Isn’t it illegal to promote a death cult to children?)

But will they show what Muslims did to non-Muslim schoolchildren in Russia?

Kaplani wants to use the exact same process as the Gideons International in Canada have used the past 65 years to distribute copies of the New Testament, plus the Hebrew Bible books of Psalms and Proverbs, to local students. (Canada is a Judeo-Christian country, NOT a Muslim one)

Trustees voted 6-4 in November to continue the practice of sending those Bibles home, even though they are coming under increasing pressure from critics, who say public schools shouldn’t be distributing any religious material.

Among those critics are religious leaders including Brice Balmer, a Mennonite pastor and university professor who is on the steering committee of Interfaith Grand River, a coalition of local faith groups.

He says it’s wrong just to distribute a holy book without also offering any support in how to read and understand it. Adults as well as children need help with interpretation, otherwise passages could get taken out of context and misunderstood. (Especially the many passages that call for the killing and torture of non-believers?) Instead, “what I would like to see is that there be a community consultation of faith groups” who could work with school and principals on teaching about religion. (Islam is NOT a religion, it is a tyranny)

The real question here is: “How can we create greater understanding of all faith groups?” (Start with the deportation of all Muslims)

If the qur’ans are distributed, it would be in the 2011-12 school year. This is the first time a non-Christian group has asked to have its materials distributed to homes, just as the Gideons do. (And it better be the last)

Board policy allows the practice for any religion, provided that:

The religious organization must provide notes to be sent home that parents can sign to say whether they want a copy of the book;

Distribution happens in the school, but not during the school day.

The books and other materials must be reviewed ahead of time to be sure they don’t try to convert anyone, and don’t denigrate groups that are protected under human rights law — such as women, gays and people of other faiths. (So that automatically eliminates Islam)

The school board doesn’t use the books in classroom teaching. It merely acts as a channel through which the books are sent home.

Kaplani, who occasionally leads services at the masjid, said local Muslims don’t want to convert anyone with the giveaway. They just want to increase understanding. (Bullshit, conversion is all they want to do)

He also offered to work with school board officials as they go through the Qur’an. And he said he is very open to Balmer’s idea of helping teachers to discuss more about religion in the schools.

Meanwhile, the Waterloo Catholic board doesn’t distribute Gideon Bibles. It gives a Bible to each of its Grade 4 students as part of its religious education program.

Kaplani said he didn’t ask if the Catholic board would send home copies of the Qur’an with their Grade 5 students. That’s because he wasn’t sure if it is permitted there. (Don’t dream)

Here is what the Qur’an says about Non-Muslims:

Islam Must Be StoppedThey (people of the book, meaning Jews and Christians) disbelieve in Allah and confound truth with falsehood (3:70-3:71). Christians lie when they talk about the son of God (18:4-5). Jesus taught them compassion and mercy in the Gospels, but Christians turned to monasticism…many of them are evil-livers (57:27).

Fight against them, kill, convert, or subdue them and (only if it is beneficial to Islam) force them to pay a tax that Muslims do not have to pay (9:29-35). If they refuse to pay, kill them. (Other option is slavery).

Non-Muslims are condemned to hell/cursed/doomed/bad/evil/turned into swine or apes, etc. (2:61, 4:48, 4:50, 4:116, 4:47-52, 4:55, 4:157, 4:160, 5:12-5:13, 5:37, 5:51, 5:53, 5:59-60, 5:72-73, 5:79, 9:29-35, 18:52, 33:26, 59:14, 98:1).

Jews will face Allah’s wrath because they made friendships with those who disbelieve (5:80).

Must convert to Allah only, or else be doomed (2:62-65, 3:85). Note that 3:85 refers explicitly to the Islamic religion as the “Surrender.” Jews are wrong-doers who will face a painful doom unless they believe in Allah (4:160-161).

He who ascribes partners to Allah is lost, as if a bird has snatched him out of the air and taken him away (22:31)

Mohammad (Allah) says Jews look ugly and they are foolish (62:5). Jews are greedy (2:91), and are evil-livers (5:59).

Allah will mock Christians when they burn in Hell, asking them Where are your partners now? (40:73).

Priests and Rabbis do “evil work” (5:63). Many Jews guilty of evil conduct (5:81). Jews act like Christians when they are around Christians (5:82).

Some of them (people of the scripture) are believers, but most of them are evil-livers (3:110), wretchedness is upon them because they disbelieved, slew the prophets wrongfully, were rebellious and transgressed (3:112).

Muslims won’t get hurt fighting them (the people of the book), who will turn and flee and afterwards will not be helped (3:111)

The Jews and Christians flung the scripture behind their backs and gained evil (3:187)

Christians and Jews who disbelieve scripture are the worst creatures in Allah’s sight (98:6) and will receive hell-fire.

Idolaters are unclean (9:28). Turn away from idolaters (6:106). Don’t pray for idolaters (9:113). Let the idolaters kill their own children (6:137).