This is a new organization that BNI readers may wish to support. Welcome and thank you for visiting ‘A Dollar To Care!’ We are a newly formed (2010) Non Profit Organization working to assist families of the soldiers who have been, or in the process of, being charged with crimes during combat.


Many people do not realize that legal fees, basic needs (soap, shampoo, razors, stationary, etc.) are all paid for by the soldier. They also lose their BAQ (Basic Allowance For Housing), yet they still have small children and wives to support.

The younger soldiers who were perhaps living at home prior to their deployment are faced with the similar financial circumstances however most of the financial responsibility is falling on the parents and grandparents.

Our Organization was formed to assist these families who are mentally, emotionally, and financially in debt. We receive requests for basic needs such as food or assistance with monthly bills, transportation expenses, and emergency funds for repairs or replacements of major appliances, vehicles, and their homes.

The last thing these warriors families need right now is to wonder how they will pay their bills next month. This is where you come in. By donating one dollar, together we can make an incredible amount of difference in their lives.

Understandably not everyone can afford a dollar. We ask that if you cannot donate, please continue to share this web site, and encourage others’ to learn about these soldier’s stories and to assist us in our mission. Educating American’s about these young men and their loved ones cannot be measured in dollars!


Photos of some of the men incarcerated (More on the FaceBook page)

LTC Lakin, convicted on all charges and specifications by a general court-martial, has been sentenced. The sentence is a dismissal, confinement for six months, and forfeiture of all pay and allowances. The dismissal — the only form of punitive discharge authorized for an officer — is generally regarded as equivalent to a dishonorable discharge and cuts off substantially all benefits incident to military service. LTC LAKIN is the man who refused to deploy to Iraq until he saw proof that Obama was eligible to be Commander-in-Chief.

Please keep Andy Holmes and his family in your thoughts and prayers tonight. Andy suffered a seizure, with no prior history of them, and was rushed to the local medical center where it was confirmed via an MRI. Please give your support to the Holmes family and write Andy to help keep his spirits up during this horrid time. Thank you.

PFC Andrew Holmes
Box 339536
Joint Base Lewis McChord, Washington 98433-9536

Everyone, we need your help ASAP. Please just calmly call Senator Bill Nelson’s office tomorrow and express your concern about Adam Winfield’s well being in his current status. Frank J DeToma said they were willing to help oversee Adam’s health and welfare and he was an extremely polite man when I spoke with him today. The phone # is 407-872-7161 and ask to speak to him. The second contact we have is Bryan Gulley @ 202 224 5274 and he’s also with Senator Nelson’s office in Washington D.C.

“’Our Marines deserve the benefit of the doubt when they make good-faith decisions to use force in self-defense during combat,’ Daniel Conway, one of [the] attorneys, said after the hearing officer’s report was released.” Los Angeles Times, 15 July 2008. “Another defense attorney, Daniel Conway, told reporters during the lunch break that the soldier had slept just 2½ hours during a 74-hour period last spring. ‘The Army took the best and brightest and pushed them beyond their breaking point,’ he said.” The Associated Press, 11 February 2008.

Corey Clagett’s mother, Melanie Dianiska (center), and his grandparents, Janice and Ken Miller

everyone it’s me again and still wondering what I’m doing here. Well it’s been an eventful few weeks and my lawyers have been working extremely hard on my case. Doing a lot of leg work that is truly paying off and showing signs of hope. I have been very down and missing my wife, my children, family and even my dog very much. At times I even start to get depressed and let this place and its’ negativity get to me.I try to think of inspirational things like a quote from an Aushwitz survivor I read about recently his name was Viktor Frankl and he said “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last human freedoms -to choose one’s own attitude in any given set of circumstances, and to choose one’s own way.” I also try to think about those that have it much worse than me and remember that this will all be over soon. I want to thank all of you for your continued support and everyone’s help with my family. I consider it an honor to have you as friends and will see you all soon. And please from this point on attend 

any and all court hearings that you can, seeing your faces is a brightening reminder of the life waiting for me outside these thick

Written August 5, 2010
From Chesapeake Correctional Facility
By Federal Inmate 55357
Chris Drotleff

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