Melanie Phillips warned the world about 'Londonistan' but nobody listened

Some 4-1/2years ago, Melanie Phillups published a book called Londonistan, an expose about the way in which, astoundingly, Britain had become the most important center, outside the Islamic world itself, for the production and export of Islamic terrorism.

UK DAILY MAIL– Worse yet,  even after the 9/11 attacks and the 7/7 London Tube and bus bombings, the British political, legal and security establishments were still refusing to get to grips with the threat posed to Britain by militant Muslims who wanted to conquer it for Islam.

Phillips was called ‘mad’ by the Guardian, ‘bonkers’, ‘alarmist’, ‘ hysterical’ and, of course, ‘Islamophobic’.

Indeed, she had a hard time getting the book published at all. It was turned down by every mainstream London publisher because they regarded my views as dangerous extremism. One even remarked: ‘I’d rather take the poison ricin than publish this.’ Nice!

For a while it looked as if it would be published only in the U.S. – but a few weeks before publication in America, a tiny British publishing house bravely volunteered to publish it here.

Given the terrifying nature of what she wrote in that book, the fact is that, ever since it was published, a steady stream of revelations has proved that she was absolutely right.

This week, we learned that Taimour Abdulwahab Al-Abdaly, who blew himself up in a terrorist attack in Stockholm, was yet another radicalised British Muslim university graduate. He was but the latest in an unremitting procession of British Muslims who have committed terrorist attacks in other countries. And many have been educated to a high level in Britain.

Over the past decade, around 30 Muslim graduates or students at British universities have been involved in Islamic-inspired terrorism, including former University College London student Umar Farouk ­Abdulmutallab, who has been charged with trying to blow up a U.S. airliner with explosives hidden in his underpants.

So why is it that, with the Security Service periodically issuing chilling warnings that it’s monitoring more than 2,000 dangerous Muslim fanatics and dozens of terrorist plots, Britain is still failing so dismally to curb its home-grown industry of Islamic terrorism and extremism? Most of the British establishment is in denial about what it is up against. Our leaders know there is a major threat of terrorism.

But they remain wilfully blind to the fact that the terrorists’ ultimate aim, the Islamisation of Britain and the West, is being pursued by Islamic groups that are not violent, as well as those that are.

For the establishment is so heavily imbued by a deadly cocktail of political correctness, multiculturalism and ‘human rights’ law that, far from curbing Islamic extremism, it has actually fanned the flames. Over the past decade and more, the judges have made it all but impossible to police Britain’s borders against undesirables or throw extremists out of the country.

Universities have shamefully refused to crack down on extremists on campus, even though countless Muslim students are being radicalised there by Islamist speakers –  with no fewer than four university Islamic Society presidents having been involved in major acts of terrorism.

Idiotically, politicians cravenly attempting to defuse Islamic rage by appeasing the Muslim community have funded organisations that have turned out to be extreme. Even more extraordinarily, to this day the Government is employing radical Islamists in Whitehall – as political advisers on curbing Islamic extremism.

The core reason for this supine approach is that the establishment refuses to acknowledge that Islamic terrorism is rooted in religious fanaticism – an extreme interpretation of the religion that dictates Muslims must impose Islamic law throughout the world. And the way they intend to achieve their ends is through a pincer movement comprising both terrorism and cultural infiltration to gain social, economic and political power.

The threat of violence makes it more likely they will succeed in infiltrating British institutions. And that in turn makes it ever harder to curb radicalisation. It also galvanises the extremists, who perceive correctly that the society they have in their sights has no stomach for the fight.

This is precisely what is happening in Britain. Because our political and security establishment has defined extremism as involving violence, it is blind to the steady process of Islamisation that is taking place.

Astonishingly, it is tolerating – and even encouraging – the relentless incursion of Islamic religious law. But it is a fundamental principle of a democratic society that there must be only one law for all. And yet in Britain today, blind eyes are being turned to Sharia courts meting out not just family law judgments that oppress women, but even criminal sanctions, too.

Almost every week, more examples surface of the way in which British culture is giving way to Islamic practices. As a recent BBC Panorama programme demonstrated, some Muslim schools are teaching their pupils to hate ‘unbelievers’ – all under the nose of Ofsted.

And a growing number of education authorities serve halal meat to all pupils – without even informing the public of this minority faith practice. London hosts three Muslim TV channels — all with ties to fanatical Islamic organisations or regimes.

In short, Britain is being steadily Islamiscised – and the establishment appears paralysed like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

Four years ago in her book, Phillips delivered a warning. A country that can’t even bring itself to name the nature of the enemy it faces will be defeated by that enemy. (Sound familiar?)

Be sure to listen to the woman speaking near the end of the video. She is right.