WTF? Dutch Catholic school charged with discrimination for banning Muslim headbags

A Catholic high school in Volendam, The Netherlands, is guilty of discrimination on religious grounds for banning a Muslim pupil from wearing a headscarf, says Equal Opportunities Commission.

EIP NEWSThe girl started wearing a headscarf this school year and was banned from attending lessons, prompting her father to make a complaint. The commission said school pupils should, in principle, be free to wear a headscarf, Jewish skullcap or Christian cross. (Jews and Christians are not even allowed to enter mosques in certain countries)

Schools can introduce a ban if it is necessary to preserve their special identity, but that was not the case with the Volendam school, the commission said.

At the end of last year, an orthodox Christian primary school in The Hague refused to accept a fill-in teacher because she was wearing an Islamic headscarf.