Dying Arab Princess' life is saved by Israeli doctors

Under a heavy veil of secrecy, an unidentified princess from one of the Persian Gulf states departed Israel this week after undergoing live-saving heart surgery two months earlier.

Israel TodayThe princess arrived in Israel via Cyprus to avoid suspicion. Israel’s ministries of foreign affairs, health and interior maintained that secrecy for the couple’s safety.

The emergency medical procedure, which took place at Rambam Hospital in Haifa, was set up by Israeli Druze lawmaker Ayoub Kara (Likud). It so happened that the princess’ personal doctor is also Druze, and an acquaintance of Kara’s.

Kara told Israel Today, “I saw [the princess] before the surgery. She arrived to Israel dying, but she left smiling. Her husband had already lost hope. He told me that had she not come to Israel she would already be dead.”

Indeed, when the princess arrived in Israel, her condition had deteriorated so much that she was no longer able to stand or walk. By the time she left, the princess was able to walk and appeared far more healthy. She told Kara that the experience had drastically altered her view of Israel.

That is precisely why Kara works so tirelessly to facilitate such medical and humanitarian cooperation. He believes that through medicine and other humanitarian efforts the neighboring Arabs can be convinced that Israel is not evil. (No, they can’t, they only like Israel when Israel is giving them free stuff or saving their lives, then they go right back to hating them)

“I am happy I had the opportunity to facilitate this humanitarian connection,” said Kara. “The left wing acts as though only they care about human rights, but we on the right are working hard to advance humanitarian efforts and cooperation with neighboring Arab states.”

Despite being non-Jewish, Kara is a staunch Zionist.