Lots of “Allahu Akbaring” going on here. The gore starts at around 4:10 on the video.



9 comments on “BLOODY MURDER (WARNING: Graphic Images)

  1. Anyone who speaks arabics can tell he’s anIraqi and a criminal.He speaks arabic and with Iraqi accent as well. He admits he was working with americunts and told them he gave them info about fighters that caused many deaths of men and children. He also admits he was taking them in his car to the hideouts of mujahedeen and was using swears against the prophet Muhammed (PBUH) He was a filthy traitor and deserved death not by beheading of course which is against the teachings of Islam. But that would serve as a lesson to all traitors.

  2. He is arab muslim and speaking arabic. He was a spy for yanks and caused the deaths of many people after an american air strike. You people believe your own lies lol

    • This was the most tragic thing I has be-folded before my very own eyes when you watch something graphic on a movie or on TV your mind is convinced that what you just saw isn’t real. But this is real, right now I think I’m mentally scarred, may this man rest in peace. I couldn’t even imagine what he went through you can even here him choking on his own blood, but he was strong and that I admire.

    • i could not agree more you are absolutely right hopefully these people will stop using your beautiful religion as an excuse for their sinful deeds!!

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