Anti-semitism is raging throughout Europe, flaring up in the U.S., and blazing out of control in the Arab world. The catalyst for these fires? The new Nazis – the Muslims. And their left-wing enablers.

Shouts of “Jews to the ovens” can now be heard from Berlin to Florida. Muslim on Jewish hate crimes are not classified as such, but rather, as random acts of violence.

Grand Mufti & Hitler

The path to Hitler’s “final  to the Jewish question” has branched and deviated since his death, but it’s basic principle remains  the same. Anti-semitism did not end with WWII. While some believe that talk of anti-semitism is merely a ploy on the part of Jews to divert attention or curry some advantage, the fact remains that the incidence of hate crimes on Jews in America is nine times higher than hate crimes on Muslims. Many of the hate crimes against Jews are committed by Muslims.

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