NAZI JUDENRATS* demand Glen Beck be fired from FOX for attacking the head Judenrat, George Soros

U.S. Judenrats (*Self-hating Jews who worked for Hitler during WWII as George Soros did) from an Obama-loving, communist socialist organization called Jewish Funds for Justice, delivered a petition with 10,000 signatures to Fox News demanding that talk show host Glenn Beck get the pink slip.

The real blood libel here is coming out of this Jew-hating ‘Jewish’ organization. Contact these Nazi Judenrats and tell them to go to Hell: Jewish Justice

Politics Daily — (H/T Annie) – The petition drive began in November after Fox News aired a three-part Beck special on businessman and philanthropist George Soros called “Puppet Master.” The television show was deemed anti-Semitic by many in the media and Jewish groups. (It is impossible to be anti-semitic for criticizing George Soros as he is not a real Jew. See links below)

Beck once said that his election coverage goal was to “make George Soros cry,” which is “hard to do,” as Soros “saw people into gas chambers.” (Not only saw people into the gas chambers, he pushed them into the gas chambers and said it was fun. See link below)

Beck’s Thursday night show highlighted nine people of the 20th century who contributed to “the era of the big lie.” All nine of these “shadowy figures,” as Beck called them, were Jewish, including psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud and columnist Walter Lippman. Gov. Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania also was cited.

Mik Moore, chief strategy officer for JFSJ, told Politics Daily that the group met with Fox News Channel president Roger Ailes last summer to raise concerns about Beck’s use of Holocaust references. Moore said the group received some commitments from the network that it would watch for anti-Semitic language. But that didn’t happen, according to Moore. On Thursday, the group unveiled Beck’s 10 worst quotes of 2010, which included “Women are psychos” and “Charles Darwin is the father of the Holocaust.”
The group says it has other plans regarding Beck. On Jan. 17, WOR in New York, citing Beck’s low ratings, and WPHT in Philadelphia are dropping Beck’s radio show. JFSJ has sent letters to six radio stations in New York City that seem like a match for Beck’s talk show, asking them not to pick it up. If that happens, Beck will not have a radio outlet in the city.
“We are just beginning to enter into a conversation with those stations,” Moore said. In light of Sarah Palin’s blood libel comment this week, the group said that Palin and Beck “have abused two of the most tragic episodes in the history of the Jewish people: the Holocaust and the blood libel.” (This such crap because Sarah Palin is one of the biggest supporter of Israel whereas these Jews are not)
The group’s president Simon Greer said, “The Jewish community does not appreciate their identification, which only serves to denigrate the very real pain so many Jews have suffered because of anti-Semitic violence. It is clear that Fox News has a Jewish problem.” (This phony Jewish group has the biggest anti-semites of all)