MOSCOW: Subway 'Black Widow' Suicide Bomber's last will and testament

“I am a terrorist. I am a bomber. I will bring fear and terror to the Disbelievers. Glory be to Allah! How can you live in peace my sisters, when the Disbelievers have introduced these man-made laws? I choose death, while you choose a life. a life which is full of temptations. This cursed life. I choose death, because death in the path of Allah (the glorified and exalted) is the life for me.”

McClatchy— Two ‘black widow’ suicide bomber sisters were  blamed by Russian authorities for the deaths of at least 39 commuters, and injuring 80 in terror blasts on the Moscow underground, last March.

“I have made a covenant with Allah that I will exchange my soul in order to gain Paradise. The time has come for me to complete my part of the bargain. If Allah wills it, I will carry out a martyrdom-operation in the path of Allah. If Allah wills it, this martyrdom-operation will be purely for the sake of Allah, for the sake of His religion, in order to elevate His word on earth.”

Suicide bombers struck two stations in Moscow’s crowded subway system less than an hour apart, killing at least 37 people, injuring 80 and bringing Russia’s seething northern Caucasus region to the Kremlin’s doorstep.

Viktor Ilyukhin, the deputy chair of the security committee in State Duma, the lower house of Russia’s parliament, said the attacks almost certainly were the result of deteriorating security conditions in Russia’s mainly Muslim southern flank where a growing extremist insurgency has been spreading, largely below the world’s radar screen, for the past couple of years.

“The terrorists are aiming at destabilization, their goal is to frighten the population,” said Ilyukhin. “They also want to take revenge for the actions of the security forces against them, for the arrests and liquidations of their leaders,” in the north Caucasus region, which includes the turbulent republics of Dagestan, Chechnya and Ingushetia, he said.

The first bomb, equivalent to about four kilograms (8.8 pounds) of TNT, exploded at the height of morning rush hour and killed at least 25 people inside a train that had just pulled into the Lubyanka station, which is a two-minute walk from Red Square and located beside the headquarters of Russia’s FSB security service, the former KGB.

The second, smaller explosion, 45 minutes later on the same line, hit a train at Park Kultury, just across the street from a huge complex that houses the Kremlin news agency RIA-Novosti and the state-run English-language satellite network Russia Today.

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