SURPRISE! Pakistani Muslim wife beheader's lawyer is a JOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Wouldn’t you know the Muslim Jew-hater picks a Jew to defend him after he fired three other lawyers.

UK DAILY MAIL–Jurors are set to begin hearing the case of a television executive from Pakistan charged with beheading his wife soon after she filed for divorce. Opening statements in the second-degree murder trial of Muzzammil Hassan are scheduled to start today in Erie County Court in Buffalo.

The 46-year-old Hassan is accused of stabbing and beheading Aasiya Hassan, 37, in 2009 inside the studios of Bridges TV.

The Pakistan-born couple founded the station to counter negative images of Muslims after 9/11. (HAH! That’s rich)

Hassan’s lawyer Jeremy Schwartz – the accused’s fourth attorney since the case began- has said he may use a battered spouse defense. (Yes, please do. No jury in the world will buy that crap. Look at the size of this Muslim POS)

But in divorce papers signed six days before she died,  Aasiya Hassan says she was the one who was abused. (Of course she was abused. All Muslim men abuse their wives. It’s recommended in the Qur’an) Police have said they responded to several domestic violence calls at the couple’s arrest but no arrests were ever made.

Oh lookie, the wife beheader gets an award from Terrorist Front Group CAIR

Hassan’s lawyer told CNN he is confident his client will receive a fair trial. ‘We will try to choose people for the jury that are going to strictly abide by the judge’s instructions,’ he added. (Let’s see, upstate New York? Good chance there won’t be too many liberals)

‘But we understand that this [story] is everywhere, there is a Buffalo News article today and they’ve all had access to all of that.’

It has been claimed in a local newspaper by the victim’s family that her husband had begun another relationship and had ‘taunted’ his spouse about his new lover. (Par for the course)

While Hassan founded Bridges TV, his wife had served as the station’s general manager after its 2004 launch. The network, available across the U.S. and Canada, was believed to be the first English-language cable station aimed at the rapidly growing Muslim demographic. (And it’s still on the air, pushing the usual lies and deception about Islam to the ignorant Americans. I wonder if they will broadcast the trial? Too bad they won’t hang him on prime time)

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