SPAIN: Muslim immigration brings riots in the streets

The racial conflict jumps from big cities to small towns in Spain like Salt in Gerona, where 43% of approximately 28,000 residents are Muslim immigrants. Violent altercations with neighbors of North African origin have increased the police presence in the area.

Week of violent riots(H/T Maria)A young Moroccan man injured while fleeing the police lit the fuse on this occasion. 100 people protested by starting six container fires, burning 12 vehicles in a week of violence which included children and young men.  The conflict could be reignited again on Saturday after demonstration by several social organizations.

This town was the scene of incidents less than a year ago between immigrant and local residents. That conflict also resulted in an increased presence of Catalan police to stop a spiral that has been unleashed again.

In Salt, it all started on Friday with a concentration of between 40 and 50 people(mostly aged between 9 and 14 years), almost all Muslim immigrants, in solidarity with Mohamed Reda Lyamani, who remains hospitalized in critical condition for more than a week. He fell into an open courtyard from a fifth floor to escape the police, who stopped him while driving a stolen motorcycle. The teenager, aged 16, has numerous criminal precedents.