MARYLAND: Muslim girl pulled from basketball game for wearing a bag on her head

Muslim Council leader condemns school officials for not being “educated” enough nor “sensitive” to every Muslim religious demand.

ABC NEWS — A 12-year-old Muslim girl in Maryland was in tears after she was forced to sit out the first half of a basketball game by a referee who said her headscarf posed a safety risk.The referee cited possible choking as the risk.

On the court, the Lady Leopards of Smithsburg Middle School suit up in their shorts, tank top, and pony tail. But one member, a 12-year-old Muslim girl, has added apparel, a headscarf.

At Saturday’s game, the referee made the girl sit out, saying the hijab, as it is known to Muslims, could choke her. The garment is worn as a sign of modesty. (No it’s worn as a sign of oppression).

“You could see that she was emotionally affected. Without embarrassing her, I could see it in her eyes,” said Kershner.

The team is part of the Mid-Maryland Girls Basketball League. Coach Kershner says the player’s parents had to release liability before she could play in the second half. (But of course this will not release the school from liability when Terrorist Front Group CAIR sues them for causing the girl “emotional stress”)

The president of the Frederick County Muslim Council says the incident calls for education. (No, it calls for Muslims to be told, if you don’t like our rules, get the Hell out of our country)

“The people, they should have been sensitive to it. That’s what I’m saying. They should have asked what it is, how it’s worn, how it’s done. That would have helped a lot,” said Dr. Syed Haque. (There’s only one way we want to see it worn – OFF!)

Dr. Haque says the hijab poses no safety risk. The girl’s parents did not return our phone calls, but her coach says she’ll be on the court for Wednesday night’s game. (That’s because they were too busy giving a deposition to the lawyers from CAIR)

A spokeswoman for the Mid-Maryland Girls Basketball League did not return our calls, but there is talk that the by-laws will be amended to allow for headscarves if parents assume responsibility.

Once again, American dhimmis bow down to Islam.

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