MIAMI customer who complained about being shortchanged 7 cents beaten to death by MUSLIM store owners

The savage attack, in Miami, Florida, was carried out in front of an off-duty prison officer who had tried to halt the row at the store. As the officer led black victim Akil Larue Oliver away from the dispute with brothers Nabil and Ragheb Sulaiman, the brothers attacked and killed him.

Rather odd that this story was picked up by the British press before the American press.

UK DAILY MAIL(H/T Kashenka) – Nabil smashed Oliver over the head with a bottle while his older brother hit him with an iron crowbar. The blow proved fatal and 34-year-old Mr Oliver died at the scene.

Nabil, 19, was due to surrender his passport this week ahead of his trial on charges of aggravated assault. But he has fled the U.S. and is believed to have returned to the Middle East. His brother, 24, remains in prison awaiting trial on charges of second degree murder.

Muslim killer brothers Nabil and Ragheb Sulaiman

Relatives of the victim as well as Miami officials have expressed outrage that the suspect was able to flee the country. ‘I stand with the family and the community in expressing my outrage at the fact that Nabil Sulaiman was allowed to flee the country,’ Miami County Commissioner Dennis Moss said.

‘The family and the community have gone through enough as a result of this tragic event, and having one of the defendants not answer to the allegations in this case, just adds insult to injury.’ The fatal attack took place in November at the Quick Shop Food Store run by the brothers in Miami.

After buying some food, Mr Oliver believed he had been short-changed. Other customers said he hurled racist remarks at the brothers, as well as derogatory remarks about their mother and telling them to go back to their own country.

The off-duty prison officer tried to break up the row by escorting him out of the store. But he returned to continue the argument and was attacked as he was escorted out for a second time. Prosecutors had planned to put Nabil on trial in April, but are now consulting with the State Department to seek an extradition warrant.