British Muslim cleric says “Queen is disgusting”

A Muslim cleric sparked fury yesterday by branding the Queen as a “disgusting woman” and slamming British Muslims who join the Army.

UK EXPRESS(H/T Maria)– Ranting Shaykh Asrar Rashid also suggested white people were the main cause of racism. The controversial imam, who preaches in mosques in Birmingham, told radio listeners the Queen was a “disgusting woman because she knighted Salman Rushdie”.

In 1989 Iran’s leaders called for author Rushdie’s death for writing The Satanic Verses, deemed “blasphemous”. He became Sir Salman at a Buckingham Palace ceremony in 2008 for his services to literature.

Rashid, who was arrested over a religious dispute during a pilgrimage to Mecca last summer, went on to accuse Muslims who join the armed forces, or the police, of sacrificing their beliefs. He said: “I don’t think Muslims should join any institution like the police force.”

“I know people who have given up their religion to be in the police force and armed forces.” However, Rashid said he would fight for his Birmingham community. “If a foreign government invaded England tomorrow, we as Muslims would defend these areas and our way of life, “ he said.

“It’s not that I hate English people, or English soldiers who have gone abroad, or that I don’t feel for the mothers of these soldiers. But the fact is they should make conscientious decisions as well.”

Tory MP and former Army officer Patrick Mercer said: “The idea that Muslims should not fight for their own country which bought them in and supported them is outrageous.”