Eardrum-shattering noise pollution from New York City mosques several times a day

Blaring from a mosque on Broadway & 29th Street in Manhattan, comes the shrieking, skin-crawling Muslim Call to Prayer that’s the “prettiest sound on Earth” according to Barack Hussein Obama.

Muslims are blasting their sickening Call to Prayer several times a day in other neighborhoods too, making life miserable for the neighbors.

From Logan’s Warning a videotape of the Masjid At-Taqwa mosque at 6AM in the morning in a densely populated neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY at Fulton Street and Bedford Avenue.

The neighbors are complaining to no avail

The Muslim call to prayer — and five times a day, it pulses over a loudspeaker, penetrating the ears of anyone within four to five blocks of its source. Fidel Elmashi, a 45-year-old Catholic and street vendor who sells toys and trinkets across from the mosque said he has come to dread the call to prayer.  “I’ll be doing something and I’ll get a heart attack when it comes on the speakers,” he said.

“They play that thing really loud and it gets annoying,” said Osahar Omerid, a Christian student at the New York City College of Technology. “I live six bocks away and I can still hear it.” Beginning precisely at sunrise, five times a day every day, a male voice calls out to alert Muslims of the upcoming prayer service. But its sheer loudness upsets many residents and puts to test the neighborhood’s tolerance of religious differences.

The latest from Logans Warning, a Brooklyn mosque at Church Ave. and Chester Ave. Notice the 5 times a day prayer schedule when this disgusting call to prayer  turns the neighborhood into a 3rd world Muslim slum. Apparently the NO HONKING sign doesn’t apply to the squealing Muslim pigs  in Brooklyn. You can thank Mayor Dhimmi Bloomberg for that.

Prayer Schedule January / 2011
1 Sat 5:58 7:19 11:59 2:21 4:39 6:01
2 Sun 5:58 7:19 12:00 2:22 4:40 6:02
3 Mon 5:59 7:19 12:01 2:23 4:41 6:03
4 Tue 5:59 7:19 12:01 2:24 4:42 6:04
5 Wed 5:59 7:19 12:02 2:25 4:43 6:05
6 Thu 5:59 7:19 12:02 2:26 4:44 6:05
7 Fri 5:59 7:19 12:03 2:27 4:45 6:06
8 Sat 5:59 7:19 12:03 2:27 4:45 6:06
9 Sun 5:59 7:19 12:03 2:29 4:47 6:08
10 Mon 5:59 7:19 12:04 2:30 4:48 6:09

If I lived in any of these neighborhoods I would have brought a class action lawsuit against these Islamic terror mosques.