FINALLY! A UK politician with big cojones

Malcolm Hey, a Portsmouth councillor, walked out of a council meeting because a Muslim imam was asked to deliver an opening prayer.

BBC–Conservative councillor Malcolm Hey left Tuesday night’s Portsmouth City Council chamber while Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo was speaking. The imam, from the Al Mahdi mosque in Wickham, had been invited by the city’s lord mayor Paula Riches.

Mr Hey said it was not appropriate for a Muslim to deliver prayers at the start of a full council meeting.

His behaviour was heavily criticised by Muslim community group Wessex Jamaat, which said snubbing the imam by walking out was “a serious issue.” (Who cares?)

Of course the left wing was aghast! Gerald Veron-Jackson, leader of the Liberal Democrat-controlled council, has written to Conservative Party chairman Baroness Warsi calling for the councillor to be excluded from the party. (Umm, isn’t this the same Baroness Warsi who just accused every British citizen of being an Islamophobe?)

“Not only were [his] actions hugely disrespectful to the lord mayor and to the imam, but also to the whole of the Muslim community,” he added. (The Muslim community disrespects the UK everyday as signs like the one below that are regularly seen in the streets of London prove)

Mr Hey, ward councillor for Copnor, is a founder member of the Grace Baptist Church in Copnor Road. “I’m a Christian, not a Muslim, and I do not believe we are praying to the same god. “I think we have a tradition of Christianity in this country, our legal system is based on that, and most of our official meetings have some Christian prayers or worship as part of that event.

“I do not think at this point in time it’s reasonable to change our history and have, say, some Muslim tradition brought into that environment.”