What a daughter learned about Islam from her American Muslim father

This is what Islam means to a man who grew up as a Muslim and left it behind to become an all-American patriot.

(The author is a frequent visitor to BNI )

So I had a long talk with my Dad about the recent sharia law block and lawsuits from CAIR and what it would really mean for the United States.

My dad was born and raised in the country now called Albania. He was born to Muslim parents, and therefore it was the only religion he has ever known. There are not many stories about Islam in Albania, not to the extent of Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, or Afganistan where the majority of the population is Muslim.  But he did grow up learning quickly that Islam is not at all what it seems. It teaches hate and violence against virtually all humanity.

It looks appealing to some people due to its culture though it varies with different countries and money.  In Albania, for example, the woman who is engaged to be married receives many gifts of jewelry and gold as does her family. There is also money given to the father of the soon to be bride. What most people who convert to Islam fail to realize is the true nature and horrors of it all. Wife-beatings are common and are permitted for any reason.  Child brides are a normal custom among Muslims and men often leave their wives as they age in favor of the child brides (some forced into marriage as young as 4-5 ).

Muslims justify killing innocent people based solely on their (Non-Muslim) religious beliefs and/or including race. This is what my Dad saw in Albania and he was deeply disturbed by it all. My paternal grandfather and grandmother were not the norm either.  They worked on their farm and allowed their children the maximum amount of freedom they could. My uncle, when he was in his 20’s, decided after the wars were fought, that he wanted a change and and a new life. So he came to NYC and got a job. My father saved up as much money as he could and followed his brother to NYC, leaving behind his Islam faith.

Upon arriving to NYC, he worked with my uncle as a doorman and lived with him. He met my mother and 3 years later they got married in a church (my mother is Catholic) and together built a life. My grandfather approved of the marriage, but my grandmother took a while to warm up to my mother, but eventually grew to love her.

In the 25+ years they were together they had me and my sisters. Over the course of our childhood we learned about both religions but never
indepth about Islam until 9/11. On that day, we asked our father to tell us the truth about islam, and what possible justification did the 19 highjackers have to kill 3000 innocent people. Over the next few weeks following 9/11, we learned about the true meaning of Islam, the oppressed lifestyle, the teachings of Mohammed, the law of sharia. Out of everything, my father fears sharia the most.

When I decided to enlist in the military, my dad supported me as did my Muslim family. They love the freedoms of America, the right to choose rather than being forced into something they don’t want or approve of. My Muslim family is very different from other Muslim families, the woman have choices, they have the freedom to date, to enjoy life and are encouraged to go to college. My family has been ridiculed and kicked out for their outspoken views on many of, if not all the horrors of the quran and how it should be changed to fit modern days and times of the 21st century.

Now when I showed my dad your article (sharia-law-is-here-federal-judge-bows-to-obama-upholds-government-funding-of-islam) about the possibly or sharia law here in the states, he broke down. He said sharia law has no place in democracy, it has no place here. If it is imposed in one state how long before other states will adopt sharia law?

What would it mean for us? Our family? Our friends? The answer is simple and that would be death, my daughters are at the age where sharia laws promotes marriage to an older man, my son trained for so called “manhood” and I as a mother have no say. My family would be tortured and killed if sharia law came here because we have angered the imams and insulted the teachings of the quran. My sisters and I would be raped and killed for bringing shame to the community by our looks, our education, and our up bringings. My parents would be killed because of their marriage.  All this would be justified in sharia law. Gays would face the same fate, Jews and Christians. It would become a war of survival.

Could the United States handle such a war? My father’s take is that we must prepare for a real threat of sharia law. All the political correctness must stop. Liberals have no idea just how dangerous it is and the serious concerns we, as a nation face. In short, my family is wondering what will happen if sharia law gets recognized here, even on a small scale? It would bring utter fear and destruction. That is the very reason he left Albania, the very reason he has not once set foot in a mosque here. My father has said, “if need be, I would fight for freedom, not just for me, but for my children and grandchildren. To not be forced into something they do not believe in.”