Iranian-Dutch citizen, mother of two, hanged today in Iran for protesting Iranian election results in 2009

Zahra Bahrami, the 45 year old Iranian-Dutch citizen and mother of two who was arrested during the 2009 Ashura protests  was hanged today. She was executed even though her second case file with political charges was still opened and unresolved.

Geert Wilders is calling for the expulsion of the Iranian Ambassador from The Netherlands as reaction to the execution!

AP –(H/T Kashenka) THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — The Dutch government froze its official contacts with Iran on Saturday to protest the hanging of a Dutch-Iranian woman in Tehran, the Foreign Ministry said.

Iranian Ambassador Gharib Abadi was informed of the sanctions after he confirmed reports that Zahra Bahrami, 45, was executed. She had participated in protests against Iran’s disputed presidential election in 2009.

Iranian state television reported she was hanged Saturday for possessing and selling drugs. The report said that initially Bahrami was arrested for committing “security crimes,” but it did not say what became of that case.

Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal was “shocked, shattered by this act by a barbaric regime,” said spokesman Bengt van Loosdrecht, especially since Abadi had assured the Dutch minister on Friday that Bahrami’s legal avenues had not yet been exhausted.

Protesters took to the streets in 2009 after President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s re-election, saying the vote was marred by fraud and that opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi was the rightful winner.

Bahrami had been jailed in Iran since December 2009. Dutch diplomats were denied access to her because Iran refused to recognize her Dutch nationality. The Dutch government reportedly hired lawyers to defend her,

Bahrami was born in Iran, but gained Dutch citizenship after moving to the Netherlands.

Mr. Zahra Bahrami’s daughter says, “Prosecutor General, my mother made [false] confessions based on a promise by you that she would be released!”

Persian2English —  Zahra Bahrami ‘s daughter, Banafsheh Nayebpour, has objected to the attempts made [by Iranian regime authorities] to depoliticize the case and to present it as dealing with a common offence. She said, “The death sentence issued to my mother is completely political and I implore people, the media, and all human rights activists to not believe the fabricated and trumped-up charge of ‘possession of narcotics’ [levelled against my mother]. The accusation is meant to distract and deceive people to believe the reason behind the death sentence is ‘possession of drugs’ so they refrain from supporting and helping us.

Banafsheh Nayebpour told Jaras, “They have levelled drug charges against my mother, an artist who does not even smoke [cigarettes].”