MISSOURI: CAIR demands graffiti on mosque be declared a hate crime

Terrorist Front Group CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) said law enforcement authorities should investigate the vandalism as a hate crime. (But Muslims demand that everything be declared a hate crime, even Christmas decorations.)


The Standard–The only mosque in town, the Islamic Center of Springfield, was targeted during the first week of January in what leaders of the mosque consider a hate crime. Members showed up for a Saturday morning prayer and found three of the stone walls covered in colored paint.

The graffiti included a phallic symbol, the Star of David, a pentacle, four-letter words, and phrases such as “gay insurrection,” “It’s OK to be gay,” and “You bash us in Pakistan we bash you here.” Members of the mosque did not know who might have been responsible for the graffiti.

“We hold good relations with all the groups, and we’ve never said anything that was aimed at anybody. The graffiti writings do not indicate any specific group and could be intended to misdirect investigations. A similar incident happened in Joplin about two weeks ago where the sign of the mosque over there was burned over night.

“I and everyone that I talked to were outraged by this egregious act,” Walls said. “This act is symptomatic of the sickness that permeates our society and in no way is this act just isolated to Springfield. We can find intolerance and incivility throughout our country and the world. This act provides us with the opportunity to teach because there’s obviously some deep-seated sickness that is haunting this individual or individuals.”

Leaders at the mosque reported the property damage as a hate crime to the Springfield police and the FBI. However, an early determination from the federal law enforcement is that the graffiti is not the product of a hate crime. Bridget Patton, a spokesperson for the FBI office in Kansas City, said the case will only be worked as vandalism and referred additional questions to the Springfield police department.

Maybe Muslims should ask themselves why they are hated all over the country. Here the kind of press releases I get from CAIR on a daily basis: CAIR PRESS RELEASES