RUSSIA TV knows the identity of the suspect in the airport suicide bombing but won't reveal his name or religion

But, of course, BNI has no such reservations about revealing that the suicide bombing accomplice was a Russian convert to Islam. SURPRISE! Not.

Times of India— The man who has emerged as the initial suspect over the suicide bombing at Moscow Domodedovo airport lived in south Russia and was converted to Islam by an ethnic Russian imam, a report said Friday.  Police reportedly honed in on Vitaly Razdobudko after connecting him with Islamist militant group Nogaisky Dzhamaat and a December 31 blast in Moscow where a would-be female suicide bomber accidentally blew herself up.

He was not the suicide bomber who set off the blast in Domodedovo on Monday, RIA Novosti reported Friday. A video camera “clearly shows that it is a different person,” a police source told the agency. Instead, it appears he is suspected of being a possible organiser, it added. 

Razdobudko, 32, converted from Christianity and adopted Islam when he was a student in the local technical university. He was formally converted by a local imam in Pyatigorsk, a Russian named Anton Stepanenko, the report said.  Stepanenko, whose Muslim name is Abdullah, was convicted of holding a man captive in 2006, and police found Wahhabist literature, audio and video materials, as well as a manual on explosives, in his home.

He received a suspended sentence after the Muslim community, including the head of the Council of Muftis of Russia Ravil Gainutdin, spoke in his defence and wrote an open letter to then-president Vladimir Putin. Razdobudko, who has already been branded “Russian Wahhabi” by the press, went missing two months after he was questioned about a blast in Pyatigorsk last August.

A Russian Islamist organizer proselytized by a Russian imam could signify a trend already manifest in Europe and the United States of the spread of radical Islam among non-Muslims.