[UPDATED] This is what the Muslim scum are handing out in the streets of London today

BNI reader, Christina in London, sent me these flyers today.

Hi BNI. I want to tell you today what happened in London today. The attached leaflets are what muslims were handing out down Edgware Rd London W2, England on 29.1.2011… at least 4 stands were set up with about 15-30 muslims per stand… condemning our democratic laws and threatening that “Islam is coming to liberate the land of the kuffar (Britain and the rest of the West) against democracy which is corrupt man made law and only god’s law of Islam must rule”, using megaphones and waving jihad war flags…

I called the police to which they at first said that “they’re not breaking the law” to which I replied “well if I went on English streets dressed up as Adolf Hitler to preach Nazism and how Nazism must and will overthrow democracy, handing out Nazi leaflets and waving a Nazi flag, would that be ok and not breaking the law?”… to which point the policeman took the situation more seriously and told me they will pop down Edgware Rd to have a look… My friend who arrived later on at the scene told me that eventually the police DID arrive and that the Muslims were sent away, I doubt with any arrests…

Just take a look at the attached leaflets condemning democracy and demanding jihad against us! surely this is treason and serious hate speech as well as blatant encouragement of terrorism and Muslim declaration and call to war against us!

(I was not able format this correctly so you may have to enlarge your screen to read)

[UPDATE!] BNI reader, ‘Die Muslims’ created a new flyer based on the above. Let’s see what happens when non-Muslims try to hand this out on the street.