Young Iranians defy the recent government ban on "un-Islamic haircuts"

“We can’t help it, our hair is curly,” say wearers of Jimi Hendrix-style hairdos, a sign of defiance over another lost freedom: hairstyle choice.

These are the kinds of Iranians that Barack Obama refused to support in their uprising against the Islamic dictatorship in 2009.

OBSERVERS.france24 –If Iran’s hardliners had their way, men would keep their hair cropped short and women’s locks would be out of sight under tight veils. As a result, free-spirited young Iranians have decided to wear their curly lock looks.

Iranian authorities banned “un-Islamic haircuts” in July 2010 during the yearly Modesty and Veil festival. Ponytails,
mullets and punk hairstyles were forbidden, in favour of classic short cuts, with a dab of hair gel at the very most.
An Iranian official shows pictures of hairstyles authorized by the Ministry of Guidance at an official hairdressing show in Tehran

Brutal police repression in the face of a recent popular uprising silenced most opposition in Iran. As a result, Iranians have found other, less overtly political, ways to express their opposition to the government. For example, a Facebook group of curly-haired Iranians has been established, where its members rally Iranians with similarly large hair dos to meet in Tehran’s Mellat park on January 21, is one example of playful subversion
Before the get-together, certain participants worried whether the girls who showed their locks beneath their veils would get into trouble, but we decided that shouldn’t stop us. There are very few events like this in Iran, but everyone needs a good laugh like this once in a while. The group is also a way to change the image the world has of Iranians, to show the people that we’re as capable to live peacefully and have fun as anywhere else in the world.”

We can’t help it if our hair is curly! We were just having a little fun, but authorities weren’t too happy about it. Police in the park let us gather for about an hour, then asked us to leave.